Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Seal – Crazy (album: Seal 1990)

This song is by Seal. I really like it because I agree with every word he says “never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy” this song is all about taking more chances in life and trying new things. “In a world full of people only some want to fly, isn’t that crazy?” I was addicted to this song back in the 90’s. I’ve also added “Talisman” cover version which is really good.
I’m terrified of taking chances like most people, that’s why I’m stuck in a job that I’m not passionate about. I wasn’t always afraid of everything, throughout my childhood I was pretty brave and tried everything. I wasn’t scared of anything back then. I’ve enjoyed getting myself into trouble. The consequences of my actions made me the cautious person I am today. All the crazy situations that I got myself into helped me realize that I need to change my ways. I’m still having fun and I always make sure to do things that I enjoy and be around people that I love. This is something that will never change. I love music and I love reading books, and recently I’ve discovered the guitar which I enjoy very much. The thing I enjoy the most is spending time with my Hubby. He is my best friend and it’s fun to be around him, we just take it easy and try to have fun all the time. I guess I do fly in my own way, I make sure every day to do something that makes me happy , so I don’t jump from high buildings or catch really huge waves but I guess everyone has a different kind of adrenalin in life, mine is definitely music ! Check out this crazy song...

Lyrics: Crazy Seal

What’s this song about?

Here is a comment from songfacts website:

This song was inspired by the crazy events of 1989-90, in particular the fall of the Berlin Wall. The lyrics, "And through a fractal on a breaking wall, I see you my friend, and touch your face again" appears to be a reference to the Berlin Wall coming down

Seal Official Website: Seal

 Info about Seal: Wikipedia - Seal

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Cult – Wild Flower (album: Electric 1987)

This song is by The Cult. Such a great song! My Hubby used to play with a band that was doing covers and this is one of their songs. He is brilliant on the guitar!  This song could have a double meaning – it either an ode for a woman or weed, one of the two.
Which brings me back to my experience of smoking weed or actually it wasn’t really weed. When I was about 16, my friends and I went to a theatre festival. It was around the period when I discovered alcohol and weed. One of my friends tricked me into thinking that I’m smoking weed. She rolled up a cigarette and said that it was weed. This friend used to joke around all the time but of course I believed her and for about an hour or so I was making a fool of myself in front of all my friends. I was very embarrassed to discover that it wasn’t weed after all. I was so convinced that I was stoned. I’ve learned something from this experience – I’ve learned that I can completely control my body with my mind. I’ve learned that there is a strong connection between my body and my feelings. It was a great discovery! Check out this cool rock song...

Link to the song: Wild Flower The Cult

Lyrics: Wild Flower Lyrics

Band’s Official Website: The Cult

Info about the band: Wikipedia - The Cult

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rage against the machine – Killing in the name of (album: Rage against the Machine 1992)

This song is by Rage against the Machine. I remember the day this song was released, they were playing it all the time in all the clubs that I use to go to with my friends. My friends and I loved this song so much!
Which reminds me that my parents use to go on overseas vacations a lot when I was young and every time they were away, my girlfriends would come for a sleep over after a night out. We all used to sleep in my parents’ bedroom. We would listen to music in my Dad’s stereo system in a very loud volume. My Dad kept the speakers up on a shelf and one time we played music so loud that one of the speakers fell on the floor and was completely broken. My Dad was very sensitive to his stereo system because it was quite expensive back then. So we managed to fix it so it wouldn’t look like something happened to it, my Dad came home and didn’t even notice it. A year after the incident, my Dad gave me his stereo system with the speakers and everything. I was stoked! I never told my Dad about the speaker incident. So I owe him an apology, I’m hoping that he doesn’t read my blog and if he does then I want him to know that I’m sorry for not telling him about it until now. By the time I wanted to confess, it was too late because I was the new owner of a broken speaker. Check out my awesome childhood song...

Lyrics: Killing in the name of Rage against the machine

What’s this song about?

Written about revolution against racism in security agencies, "Killing in the Name" is widely recognised as the band's signature song, and has been noted for its distinctive guitar riffs and heavy use of strong language.

The song lyrics reference the allegation that some members of US police forces are members of the Ku Klux Klan organization, whose symbol is the burning cross. The BBC News website refers to it as railing against "the military–industrial complex, justifying killing for the benefit of, as the song puts it, the chosen whites."

Band’s Official Website: Rage against the machine

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Rage Against the Machine

Friday, May 27, 2011

Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars (album: Eyes Open 2005)

This song is by Snow Patrol. We’ve seen them perform in V Festival and they were awesome! That’s probably their most successful song and I can understand why, it’s a damn good song!
Speaking of chasing cars, when I was about 5 years old, I had a beautiful cocker spaniel dog named “Astro” which like his name was quite an astronaut. He used to chase cars every time we took him out for a walk, he chased all cars, big and small he was quite stupid! We had to keep in on the leash all the time; it was really hard to control him. He also became really aggressive when we were standing next to him while he was eating, he takes after me, I also get quite aggressive when someone is getting near my food! Anyway, One day he managed to run away from home while we my dad was about to drive away and guess what – we accidently ran him over! The stupid dog survived this horror; as a matter of fact nothing happened to him. We couldn’t control him anymore so we had to give him back to the girl that gave him to us. I wasn’t sad or anything because he was quite a difficult dog. Check out this wonderful love song...

Link to the song: Chasing Cars Snow Patrol

Lyrics: Chasing Cars Lyrics

What’s this song about?

Lead singer Gary Lightbody wrote the song, sober after a binge of white wine, in the garden of producer Jacknife Lee's Kent cottage.The song has Lightbody singing a plain melody over sparse guitars, which has an ever-building crescendo.

He stated it was his "purest love song".The phrase "Chasing Cars" came from Lightbody's father, in reference to a girl Lightbody was infatuated with, "You're like a dog chasing a car. You'll never catch it and you just wouldn't know what to do with it if you did." (Wikipedia – Chasing Cars)

Band’s Official Website: Snow Patrol

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Snow Patrol

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Perfect Circle – Judith (album: Mer de Noms 2000)

This song is by A Perfect Circle. My Hubby loves them very much; this is one of his favourite songs. Their lead singer Maynard James Keenan is also the lead singer of Tool. Maynard wrote this song about his mum Judith that suffered from a stroke and became paralysed. Since she was a very religious person, she became even more religious after the unfortunate accident, Maynard thought it was quite ironic that she still praised god after what she’s been thorough.

I don’t really believe in anything, I believe in people, only we can change the world and only we can make things better. I think religion is what will bring an end to this world. All the killing on behalf of “Allah” thing is quite ridicules. Also I don’t really understand why different religions think their way is better than other ways. It’s quite condescending, don’t you think? If there is a god and he is really good then all he wants us to do is to be kind and help one another.

One time my friends and I went skinny dipping in the lake. It was early in the morning and there was a religion guy on his way to pray, there was also a wondering dog that was walking after him. The guy stopped and kicked the dog. I got really angry since I cannot stand animal cruelty. So guess what I did? I got out of the water and started chasing the guy. I was wearing only my undies. Because the guy was religious he wasn’t supposed to look at naked women so he just ran away, what a coward! It was just hilarious! Even the dog was quite amused ;) Check out this anti religion song...

Lyrics: Judith Lyrics

What’s this song about?

Here is a comment from Songfacts website”

Judith was Maynard James Keenan's mother's name. She was a very religious person. One day she had a stroke that left her in a wheelchair partially paralyzed. This stroke only strengthened her belief in God - something that Maynard found to be pretty ironic. The lyrics in this song reflect how he felt about the whole situation - "It's not like you killed someone, It's not like you drove a spiteful spear into his side, You praise the one who left you broken down and paralyzed." He's saying that his mother was a good person who believed in God and yet this is how she was "thanked."

Band’s Official Website: A Perfect Circle

Info about the band: Wikipedia - A Perfect Circle

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cavo – Champagne (album: Bright Nights, Dark Days 2009)

This next song is by Cavo. Cool song about a lot of champagne and maybe cocaine. This song is about one hell of a party! well not really , it's actually about broken relationship again! but every song can be whatever you wanted it to be so for me it's a party song! 
The best party I’ve have attended was when I was maybe 17, one of my friends moved out of her house because she didn’t get along with her parents and the parents couldn’t cope with her crazy behaviour. She moved in with her aunt and uncle. Just when she started to behave, the aunt and uncle decided to go away on one weekend and left the house with my friend, a huge mistake for them and happy times for us! My dear friend has thrown the best party ever, invited everyone she’s known. It was the best party ever! There was a lot of alcohol involved and a lot of crazy youngsters that took advantage of the situation and completely smashed the house. People were throwing furniture out of the balcony, completely broke the stuff in the house. At some point I even saw someone rolling down the stairs with the computer chair which was just hilarious. People were having sex everywhere. The place was a complete chaos.  Of course we stayed back to clean the mess but after this disaster my friend had to move out of her uncle’s house. It was quite funny because the all idea of her moving in with her uncle and aunt was supposed to get her back in track and it did the complete opposite which we found very entertaining. She was such a cool girl, had no boundaries whatsoever! Today she is an alternative therapist helping people with their emotional issues and she is very good at it. I guess only a person that experienced difficulties in their life can actually help other people, she is very good in her area; check out this awesome song...

Link to the song: Champagne Cavo

Lyrics: Champagne Lyrics

Band’s Official Website: Cavo

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Cavo

Monday, May 23, 2011

William Orbit – Adagio for Strings (album: Pieces in a Modern Style 2000)

This remix is by William Orbit. This is a cover version of Adagio for Strings composed by the American classical composure Samuel Barber. DJ Tiesto made his remix version to this masterpiece. I’ve added it as well so you can listen to both versions.
Adagio for Strings is quite a sad masterpiece. It was used in the movie Platoon and it was played in the funerals of Albert Einstein and Grace Kelly. I heard it for the first time when my hubby and I started dating. He just bought the CD of William Orbit that had this remix in it. I remember we sat in his car and listened to it together, the car was parked at the end of my dead end street. I was so moved by the music. I was even more touched to discover that my hubby likes classical music. Back then I didn’t know much about him. He told me that Barber composed it for his daughter that had passed away, made me feel even closer to him. He probably just said it to get into my pants because I’ve checked it out and I couldn’t find it written anywhere, what a bastard! Makes me love him even more! Anyway, Later on I’ve listened to the version that was done by Tiesto and I think it is pretty good but not as good as William Orbit’s one. I think that William Orbit kept the original sound and made just a few changes to it and that what makes it even a better version because you can still hear the original song on the background.  You can check it out for yourself …

Lyrics: I swear there aren’t any! If you happen to find it , feel free to post it on my blog ;)

William Orbit Website: William Orbit

Info about William Orbit: Wikipedia - William Orbit

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Cure – A Night Like This (album: The Head on the Door 1985)

This next song is by The Cure. It is one of my favourite Cure songs. As I’ve mentioned before, Thanks to The Cure I have developed my passion for music. I’ve discovered them in a really young age and the rest is just history. Robert Smith is in the top list of my favourite people in the world!

This song is about a man who cheats on his woman and regrets it however he realizes it’s too late to fix the relationship.  When I was in college I had a friend that was messing around with her friend’s husband. It was quite a disgusting story,  at some point she got me involved and told me all about it , she told me about how they have been meeting behind her friend back and all the lies that she was telling her. The real issue was that I knew the other girl because she was also studding in my class as well. At some point I found myself sitting with all three of them at my friend’s birthday dinner.  Both my friend and the husband were sitting there as if nothing had happened between them. After that night I’ve stopped talking to my friend because I couldn’t handle the lies and this dirty secret and of course I couldn’t be friends with someone that can’t be trusted. I didn’t stick around to see how this story ended, I’m hoping that the other girl found out about the whole thing and I’m hoping she is happy now because she was a nice girl and she didn’t deserve any of this. As for my ex-friend, I hope karma taught her a lesson and she had a taste of her own medicine! Check out this awesome song …

Link to my previous posts about The Cure: Lovesong , Just like heaven

Lyrics: A Night Like This Lyrics

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Clash - Rock the Casbah (Album: Combat Rock 1982)

This song is by The Clash. This is a great song that pretty much symbolises the great 80’s music era. It’s very relevant to the recent revolutions that occurred in the Middle East countries and of course the death of Bin Laden.

This song was created out of frustration of the band with their manger which complained about the length of a song that the band has written. This song pretty much talks about all the rulers in Arab countries like Iran for example that ban all  western culture in their countries. In 2005 Ahmadinejad banned all western music in Iranian state Television and Radio. This is what he had to say about his ban: “Music dulls the mind because it involves pleasure and ecstasy, similar to drugs. It destroys our youth who become poisoned by it.” I’m dedicating this song to Mr Ahmadinejad, the biggest wanker alive, and as the great Led Zeppelin once said: “your time is gonna come” be sure of that !Check out this awesome song...

Link to the song: Rock The Casbah The Clash

Lyrics: Rock The Casbah Lyrics

What’s this song?

The song gives a fabulist account of a ban on rock music by the Sharif or King being defied by the population, who proceed to "rock the casbah". The King orders jet fighters to bomb any people in violation of the ban. The pilots ignore the orders, and instead play rock music on their cockpit radios. (Wikipedia – Rock The Casbah)

Band’s Official Website: The Clash

Info about the band: Wikipedia - The Clash

Friday, May 20, 2011

Vanilla Sky – Umbrella (album: Changes 2007)

This song is by the Italian band Vanilla Sky. It is a cover song to Rhianna’s wonderful song Umbrella. I’m not into pop music but I do have a lot of respect for Rhianna, I think she is an amazing singer. There were so many covers done to this song but this is definitely my favourite.  I’ve also added the cover by Manic Street Preachers which is very good as well. Btw they have made a really cool cover for “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga as well.

Apparently when this song reached number 1 in the UK , Ireland & New Zealand the weather became really bad, storms and rainfall and flooding everywhere. The UK media blamed it on the song and referred to it as “Rhianna’s Curse”. They have also blamed it on the fact that the video was shot on Friday 13th. Quite silly isn’t it? Everybody knows that the weather in UK, Ireland and NZ is crap anyway. Why blame Rhianna’s for it? I personally can’t stand the winter, I hate it when it rains, and I always manage to break my umbrella no matter how expensive it is, it always breaks and I end up holding something that supposed to look like umbrella but doesn’t really do the job! Check out this cold weather song...

Lyrics: Umbrella Lyrics

Band’s Official Website: Vanilla Sky

Info about the band: Vanilla Sky

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Reamonn – Supergirl (album: Tuesday 2000)

This song is by the Germen Rock band Reamonn. It’s an awesome song. Their lead singer Rea Garvey is actually Irish that moved to Germany. But this information has nothing to do with anything!

I think this song is about a girl pretending to be so strong and independent and scared to open up to her man because she scared to be perceived as weak, she keeps telling him that she is a Supergirl and she doesn’t show her true feelings. I’m not a Supergirl and I’m pretty proud of it. I often share my feelings with my hubby because he is there to protect me and take care of me and this is an important part of being in a good relationship. I think you always need someone else to balance you and to complete you. I agree that there situations in life that you need to deal with issues on your own, so I don’t cry on my Hubby’s shoulder all the time – he would probably argue on what I just wrote since he thinks I’m quite a whinger!  Anyway, I believe it’s healthy to show your weaknesses and it’s even better to have someone beside you to share your emotions and it’s OK not to be a Supergirl or a superman all the time. We are only human and we all just want to be loved and the best way to accept love is to unveil all masks. Check out this super song...

Link to the song: Supergirl Reamonn

Lyrics: Supergirl Lyrics

Band’s Official Website: Reamonn

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Reamonn

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pulp – Disco 2000 (album: Different Class 1995)

This next song is by Pulp. It is such a cool song and a cool video clip. They are quite a cool band. Their music style is quite similar to Blur, Suede, oasis and the rest of the Britpop movement. 

This song talks about a guy that is in love with his friend and dying to know what it would be like to meet her again when they are much older. My friend and I made a pact to meet again on the 24/1/2000 in a place we used to call the “Magic Square” , we named it this way because it used to be our meeting area where we use to chat and smoke cigarettes and it was a cubic structure that was in front of a building area. It was just a place where we could be alone and do whatever we liked without anyone to watch us. The 24/01 is a birthday of another good friend of ours. We have decided on this date because we have ruined her 16 birthday. We have decided from this day onward that this will be the most important day of our lives. We didn’t mean to ruin it for her but we accidently did and we felt sorry for it for a long period. That was back in 1993 before this song was released. When I heard this song for the first time, I thought it was quite ironic that it talks about the same subject except that my friend was a girl and we just wanted to meet again to see how we turned out and what has changed in our life. She got married in 1998. We got together again on my wedding day in 2007. I’ve reminded her of our secret pact; we both wondered why we never kept this pact. Check out this gorgeous song...

Lyrics: Disco 2000 Lyrics

What’s this song about?

The song tells the story of a narrator falling for a childhood friend called Deborah, who is more popular than he is and wondering what it would be like to meet again when they are older. The song is based on true events. Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker said "the only bit that isn't true is the woodchip wallpaper." (Wikipedia – Disco 2000)

Band’s Official Website: Pulp

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Pulp

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Joy Division – Love will tear us apart (Single 1980)

This song is by joy division. It’s another band that had a really short career due to the death of their lead singer Ian Curtis that committed suicide in 1980. This is their most famous song; I don’t think I know any of their other songs. In 1980 the remaining of the group formed a new band called “New Order”. This song was covered by so many famous artists, among them are: The Cure, U2 , Fall Out Boy , Thom Yorke and many more. It is quite a depressing song about love that gone wrong. Well, Ian Curtis was obviously not a happy man, that’s why he took his own life. I think it’s a great song! Check out all the different covers...

Link to the song: Love will tear us apart Joy Division

Lyrics: Love will tear us apart Lyrics

What’s this song about?

It is one of the few songs in which singer Ian Curtis played guitar (albeit somewhat minimally). The lyrics ostensibly reflect the problems in Ian Curtis's marriage to Deborah Curtis, as well as his general frame of mind in the time leading up to his suicide in May 1980. Deborah Curtis had the phrase "Love Will Tear Us Apart" inscribed on Ian Curtis's memorial stone (Wikipedia – Love will tear us apart)

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Joy Division

Monday, May 16, 2011

Soundgarden – Birth Ritual (album: Singles 1992)

This song is by Soundgarden. It is from “Singles” movie soundtrack which I love very much – the movie is pure crap! This is the best song from this album. It completely blows my mind.

This is an ode to my beautiful new guitar. My hubby bought it for me a few days ago .I’ve received it on Friday night , excellent timing because I had the entire weekend to practice on it and so I did along with my Hubby that taught me some new tricks and we even played  together for a few hours. I enjoyed our sessions very much. I’m just wondering why I haven’t started playing years and years ago when I was a teenager. Instead of wondering in the streets doing basically nothing I could have spent my time playing the guitar and making music. Of course it’s never too late to pursue your dreams and passions. I bet I’ll be a really good guitar player by the time I reach my 80th birthday ; )  It’s the first time I actually listen to someone else and implementing playing technics. ever since I was a little girl I always tried to teach myself new things and find my own way of doing things , I never really listened in class , at work or even when I studied at college. But for the first time I actually listen and concentrate, it is exhausting but I gain a lot  from it. Check out this wonderful song that I’ve dedicated to my new guitar…

Link to my previous post on Soundgarden: Rusty Cage

Link to the song: Birth Ritual Soundgarden

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beastie Boys – Sabotage (album: Ill Communication 1994)

This song is by Beastie Boys. Such a cool song, I love it. The music in this song is just awesome and I already told you I’m not into hip hop music but these boys are quite cool and they make the kind of noise that I like. When this song came out in 1994, I couldn’t stop listening to it!

I’m not sure what this song is about and I couldn’t really find the meaning anywhere. They do mention the Watergate scandal that led to the resignation of Richard Nixon in 1974. Maybe it is just a metaphor to all of the government conspiracy theories out there. Not really sure but I read in songfacts that this song was an instrumental only and the vocals were added two weeks before the album was completed so maybe there isn’t any meaning to the lyrics after all. Check this really awesome song...

Link to the song: Sabotage Beastie Boys

Lyrics: Sabotage Lyrics

Funny Video, heavy cover by Cancer Bats Hardcore Punk Canadian Band:

Band’s Official Website: Beastie Boys

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Beastie Boys

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gorillaz – 19 – 2000 (album: Gorillaz 2001)

This song is by Gorillaz. What a great song. I remember when I first heard it; my hubby introduced this band to me. We used to drive in the car and sing along this song. My favourite part is the “La La La La La...” it was a great musical project created by Damon Albarn from Blur and British Cartoonist Jamie Hewlett back in 1998.

I think this song talks about trying to stay cool and popular by buying all the trendy accessories’ and not expressing yourself fully. I’ve never been one for trends. While some of my girlfriends were half naked I chose to wear all black and Dr Martens shoes for a long period. Didn’t really care what other people thought of me. I loved my clothes and the music that I chose to listen to. Be whatever you want to be, do not copy others, and find your own path. That’s what this song is all about. BTW I miss my Doc Marten very much. I think I’m going to get me another pair. Check out this cool song...

Lyrics: 19 - 2000 Lyrics

What’s this song about?

Here is a comment from songfacts:
“this song is about brainkess idiots who follow trends and have no idividuallity. pop or popular who get the new cool shoes and dont know why theyre cool. “

Band’s Official Website: Gorillaz

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Gorillaz

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Garbage – I think I’m paranoid (album: Version 2.0 1998)

This next song is by Garbage. Does anyone remember them? I was so impressed when they have released their first “Garbage” album back in 1995. I heard a few songs on the radio and bought their album straight after. I’m usually not a fan of girls in a band but I think Shirley Manson is a great vocalist.

This song is actually from their second album, I think it’s their best one. This song is probably about having a crush on a boy and playing it hard to get while you know you really want him but you pretend you don’t. I think every girl acted like that at least once in her life. I’m not really good at pretend, when I want something I’m quite obvious about it ;) check out this really cool song...

Link to the song: I think I’m paranoid Garbage

Lyrics: I think I’m paranoid

Band’s Official Website: Garbage

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Garbage

OK Go – Here it goes again (album: Oh No 2006)

This song is by OK GO. This is the most amazing video clip I’ve ever seen in my life. I have no idea how much practice they had to go through for shooting this video. I can imagine that a lot. My hubby showed me this video. we both love it very much. I think it’s very creative.

This song is about a one night stand that turns into the love of your life life. That’s definitely the story of how I’ve met my hubby. It was supposed to be just a fling because my hubby was quite a player back in the days and it ended up being the greatest love of my life. Funny how things work out in life...“Just when you think you're in control, just when you think you've got a hold, just when you get on a roll” watch this amazing video and song...

Link to the song: Here it goes again OK GO

Lyrics: Here it goes again Lyrics

What’s this song about?

Here is a comment from songfacts website:

This song is about the morning after a one-night-stand and realizing you're falling in love with that person. The band compared it to falling out of a window thinking, "this isn't good but it could be fun!" Lead singer, Damian Kulash, claims this happened to him once and he married her!

Band’s Official Website: OK Go

Info about the band: Wikipedia - OK Go

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out (album: Franz Ferdinand 2004)

This song is by the Scottish group Franz Ferdinand. It is such a cool song. I love it very much. The music is just awesome! The video clip is quite surreal, it’s very nice. The guitars in this song are awesome!

This song talks about the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo; he was the royal prince of Austria-Hungary. This act led to the beginning of World War I. He was very much in love with his wife Sophie and his last words to her were: “Don’t die darling live for our children” unfortunately both passed away straight after. In the song he basically says that he has nothing to live for if she is dead. The lyrics are quite sad for such a funky song. Weird combination but I like it! Check it out anyway...

Link to the song: Take Me Out Franz Ferdinand

Lyrics: Take Me Out Lyrics

What’s this song about?

Here is a comment from Songfacts:

This song is about a sniper. The lyrics begin "So if you're lonely, you know I'm here waiting for you. I'm just a crosshair, I'm just a shot away from you."

The single release of "Take Me Out" came with the B-side, "All for You, Sophia", based on the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife, whose name was Sophie, not Sophia. The band chose the name Sophia rather than Sophie to give the song a better ring. (Wikipedia – Take Me Out)

Band’s Official Website: Franz Ferdinand

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Franz Ferdinand