Friday, June 24, 2011

The Butterfly Effect - A Slow Descent (album: Imago 2006)

This song is by the Aussie band The Butterfly Effect. My Hubby introduced them to me. This is such a nice song!

I have no clue what’s this song about, but it doesn’t really matter as long as the music is good ;) ill just tell you one of my stupid teenager adventures stories. As I’ve mentioned before, my friends and I used to hitchhike everywhere, we would make up stories to our parents and we would disappear for a few days. We didn’t have any money and we had to buy food and cigarettes. So we found a great way to earn some quick money by asking people on the street for some coins. We would stop people on the street and tell them a story about how we have lost our wallets and all we need is some coins for the bus to take us home. We had another story about someone rubbing us, we made up a lot of stories, and sometimes we had to improvise depends on the person we were talking to. Sometimes we used tears or look really miserable and people believed us. We were quite good actors and we made a lot of money this way. Some people bought us food, others offered to pay for accommodation in a hotel. We discovered a lot of kind people that were willing to help. Anyway, through these adventures we met so many people and made so much money, we always found a way to get by. I hope my parents don’t read my blog because this is something that I forgot to mention to them. It was just another act of daring and we loved being in those situations. We were just bored to death and found all kind of creative ways to overcome our boredom.  Check out this awesome song…

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