Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Apocalyptica – I Don’t Care (album: Worlds Collide 2008)

This song is the Finnish rock band Apocalyptica, featuring Adam Gontier the lead singer of Three Days Grace. My Hubby has found this song for me , He knows my taste. I really love Adam’s voice. I think it’s quite powerful.
This weekend my Hubby and I have been working on a song for both our nieces upcoming Birthdays. Both our Sister’s beautiful girls will turn one year old on the 15/08 & 24/08, they are both gorgeous! It’s quite an exciting project. I love our music projects. We are making a cover for a known song but My Hubby managed to make his own music and completely changed the song and it sounds even better than the original. He is playing the guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums and singing background voices. He is quite a talented musician! He would have finished this project on his own if it wasn’t for my unbelievable triangle playing! Just kidding, I’m actually singing and playing the guitar or at least pretending to play the guitar, yes I am aware of my horrible guitar playing! I promise to get better with more practice. My Hubby has this music program that can change the voice of a person or add more background voices and he made my voice sound so good, it’s quite an amazing technology. I’m really looking forward to listen to our finished song. It might take a few more days though. We have also received good news from our dear friends in Sydney they just had a baby girl and they named her Tully after Tully River in Queensland and we are very excited for them. Other than that, life is swell and I have absolutely nothing more to say! so I hope you enjoy this song...

Lyrics: I Don't Care Lyrics

What’s this song about?

"I Don't Care" was based upon the instrumental track "Love Song", written by Eicca Toppinen for the Black Ice movie soundtrack.

Eicca Toppinen told about the song in an interview for Dutch metal webzine in 2007: "I wrote some of the lyrics to "I Don’t Care." Max Martin wrote most of the lyrics, though. The song is about a fantasy and not about anyone in particular, but I think everyone can find a sense of truth in the lyrics.”(Wikipedia – I don’t care)

Band's Official Website: http://www.apocalyptica.com/us/home

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Apocalyptica