Thursday, July 21, 2011

Daughtry – It’s Not Over (album: Daughtry 2006)

This is a song by Daughtry, a band that was formed by Chris Daughtry who was the finalist of the TV show American Idol. I personally can’t stand this show, I find it very boring! I guess it’s a great way to get some exposure. I’ve watched some of the auditions to American Idol and it was hilarious, a lot of strange people. I think it’s all staged otherwise I can’t explain all these weird crazy people! I’ve added my favourite audition by General Larry Platt!
My Hubby and I got addicted to “Rock Star Supernova” that was the best reality show ever done. It was 15 people from all around the world that competing to become the lead singer of a band formed by drummer Tommy Lee from Motley Crue, Bassist Jason Newsted former Metallica and guitarist Gilby Clarke former Guns N’ Roses. I love Jason Newsted , he is an awesome guy! It was also hosted by Dave Navarro lead guitarist of Jane’s Addiction which is a brilliant guitar player. Now that was a great show! Our favourite singer was a south African girl named Dilana ,she was absolutely amazing ! she didn’t win though. I think they thought she was too confident and decided to take someone else that was pretty good as well. There was a contestant from Australia named Toby Rand. He was quite awesome as well. The entire show features the best rock songs and it was a lot of fun watching it. Anyway, check out this wonderful mushy song…

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