Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Seeker – The Who (album: Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy 1971)

This is a wonderful song by The Who. This song takes you straight to the 70’s era. You can feel the crazy wonderful atmosphere in every guitar riff. This song makes me really happy.

The first time I’ve heard this song was when I watched “American Beauty”. I watched this movie a few times and last night was one of those times. It is such a great movie. I can definitely relate to it these days. as I’ve mentioned already I have quit my job recently and I just walked out of the door the day I’ve resigned and didn’t even give them the 2 weeks’ notice. They sure didn’t deserve that! I’ve decided that from now on I’ll start listening to the voices in my head that tell me to do only things that make me happy as I always did when I was growing up. Somewhere along the line I’ve lost touch with the rebelling teenager in me that played a great role in my life. I’m definitely not going through midlife crisis or anything like that. It’s all about looking back on your life and knowing that you have made the right choices. I choose to experience more than just a few moments of happiness in one day, I want it all and I wanted now! Besides happiness is my true nature and you cannot argue with nature! I hope you enjoy this really cool song as much as I do…

Lyrics: The Seeker

Info about the band: The Who

What’s this song about?

Around the time of song's release, Townshend explained its meaning in an interview with Rolling Stone: "Quite loosely, "The Seeker" was just a thing about what I call Divine Desperation, or just Desperation. And what it does to people. It just kind of covers a whole area where the guy's being fantastically tough and ruthlessly nasty and he's being incredibly selfish and he's hurting people, wrecking people's homes, abusing his heroes, he's accusing everyone of doing nothing for him and yet at the same time he's making a fairly valid statement, he's getting nowhere, he's doing nothing and the only thing he really can't be sure of is his death, and that at least dead, he's going to get what he wants. He thinks!”(Wikipedia – The Seeker)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pearl Jam – State of Love and Trust (Singles Soundtrack 1992)

This is a great Pearl Jam song from the “Singles” soundtrack. It is one of the best movie soundtracks I’ve ever listened to.

It’s been awhile since I’ve last posted …sounds like the beginning of a creepy confession. Forgive me rock music for I have sinned… lately I have been too busy with work, house chores and a lot of guitar practice. I got rid of the horrible draining job, the house is tidy enough and my guitar still has 6 perfect strings. Now it’s time to listen to some wonderful relaxing music.

I had quit my job a week ago and I’m looking forward to start a new career, I’ve abounded the finance industry for good or at least this is how feel right now. I’m hoping that this time I won’t be scared to invent myself and find new passions, it is scary but as my Hubby says it’s the greatest point in your life, endless possibilities. Luckily he is very supportive. Since I am a little confused and clueless he is helping me figure out what I want. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do but I know what I don’t want to do and that’s a start. I thought this song is quite suitable for this point in my life  and I listen for the voice inside my head nothin', I'll do this one myself” … great song from  the good old Vedder’s days…

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Lyrics: State of Love and Trust

What’s this song is about?

According to Ament, the lyrics for "State of Love and Trust" are based on what Vedder took from watching the film, and added, "I think he probably took a heavier angle on what the movie was about than a lot of people will, but that's Eddie, which is a beautiful thing." According to Cameron Crowe, director of Singles, the song is "about battling with your instincts in love." Before a performance of the song at Pearl Jam's September 8, 1998 show in East Rutherford, New Jersey at Continental Airlines Arena, Vedder introduced it as "a song about being faithful."(State of love and trust – Wikipedia)[