Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Morrissey - Suedehead (album: Viva Hate 1988)

This song is by Morrissey, He was the frontman of The Smiths. This song is from his first solo album. Did I mention how much I admire him already? My sister bought us his album and we both enjoyed it very much, such a great album!  The band Suede got the inspiration for their name from this song. This is a wonderful song, both music and lyrics are amazing. Morrissey is very good with words! He is a magnificent poet. He writes all the things that we wish to say but having a hard time finding the right words.

This song is about the difficulty of breaking up with someone and the obsession of the other side, not wanting to let go. It is flattering and scary at the same time. You have to listen to this awesome song...

Link to the song: Suedehead Morrissey

Lyrics: Suedehead Lyrics

What’s this song about?
Here is a nice comment from songfacts website:
This is one of those songs about a situation where you have to experience for yourself in order to appreciate. It's about dating someone who ultimatly likes you a lot more than you like them. They infringe on personal space and basicaly hang around too much. In this song the subject is so insecure that she (he-who knows!) had to break into the singer's diary. In true male fashion the singer writes off the relationship with the immortal words "It was a good lay." This beg's the million dollar question, how can a man who was sworn to celebacy write such a thing. Richard Blade, a DJ at KROQ in Los Angeles at the time asked Morriissey, and his repsonse was "That was a long time ago."

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