Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Joy Division – Love will tear us apart (Single 1980)

This song is by joy division. It’s another band that had a really short career due to the death of their lead singer Ian Curtis that committed suicide in 1980. This is their most famous song; I don’t think I know any of their other songs. In 1980 the remaining of the group formed a new band called “New Order”. This song was covered by so many famous artists, among them are: The Cure, U2 , Fall Out Boy , Thom Yorke and many more. It is quite a depressing song about love that gone wrong. Well, Ian Curtis was obviously not a happy man, that’s why he took his own life. I think it’s a great song! Check out all the different covers...

Link to the song: Love will tear us apart Joy Division

Lyrics: Love will tear us apart Lyrics

What’s this song about?

It is one of the few songs in which singer Ian Curtis played guitar (albeit somewhat minimally). The lyrics ostensibly reflect the problems in Ian Curtis's marriage to Deborah Curtis, as well as his general frame of mind in the time leading up to his suicide in May 1980. Deborah Curtis had the phrase "Love Will Tear Us Apart" inscribed on Ian Curtis's memorial stone (Wikipedia – Love will tear us apart)

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Joy Division