Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Beatles – While My Guitar Gently weeps (album: The Beatles 1968)

This next song is by The Beatles. I think everyone that loves rock had gone through their Beatles period, I sure did. This is definitely one of my favourite Beatles songs! The guitar sound in this song is quite amazing, it surely weeps! This song was written by George Harrison. When the Beatles first recorded this song in their studio , Harrison wasn’t happy with the guitar so he had decided to ask Eric Clapton to play the lead guitar in this song, that’s the reason behind the great solo in this song. It was nice to find out that Powderfinger covered this song in one of their live performances. I’ve added their version and Santana’s version as well. Absolutely amazing!

I think Harrison was trying to say that he expresses himself through his guitar. “I look at the world and I notice it’s turning while my guitar gently weeps”. My hubby is very passionate about his guitar; he plays it every night and I enjoy listening to him playing. The sounds that he creates are absolutely magnificent. He could have released thousands of albums by now. He composes beautiful songs on his guitar with no effort at all. He is also my private guitar teacher. He teaches me so many things. Sometimes we even jam together and it is probably the best feeling in the world, there is nothing more exciting than jamming with my hubby! Check out this old and wonderful song that talks about the greatest playing instrument...

Lyrics: My Guitar Gently Weeps Lyrics

What’s this song about?
Inspiration for the song came to Harrison when reading the I Ching, which, as he put it, "seemed to me to be based on the Eastern concept that everything is relative to everything else...opposed to the Western view that things are merely coincidental." Taking this idea of relativism to his parents’ home in northern England, Harrison committed to write a song based on the first words he saw upon opening a random book. Those words were “gently weeps”, and he immediately began the song (Wikipedia- While My Guitar Gently weeps)

Info about the band: Wikipedia - The Beatles

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Church – Under The Milky Way (album: Starfish 1988)

This song is by the Aussie alternative rock band The Church. I love
this song very much, calms me down every time I listen to it. What a great song! The bagpipes solo is just a brilliant idea and it makes this song even more special. Although this song talks about a music venue in Amsterdam there are some references to love and longing for someone “wish I knew what you were looking for, Might have known what you would find...”
Speaking of music venue, When my Hubby and I were dating he used to take me to a pub called “Animal Farm” that had live shows with a lot of famous people. It was such an amazing experience! We would have a few drinks and watch a good rock show. I’m not sure if this pub exists anymore it was many years ago. Anyway, check out this wonderful song...

Link to the song: Under The Milky Way The Church

Lyrics: Under The Milky Way Lyrics

What’s this song about?
Under the Milky Way" was written by the band's vocalist and bassist, Steve Kilbey, and his then-girlfriend Karin Jansson. According to a press release issued with Starfish, the song was written about an Amsterdam music and cultural venue called Melkweg (Dutch for "Milky Way"), which Kilbey used to visit frequent. (Wikipedia – Under The Milky Way).

Band’s Official Website: The Church

Info about the band: Wikipedia - The Church

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eskimo Joe – From the Sea (album: A Song Is a City 2004)

This song is by the Aussie rock band Eskimo Joe. They are pretty awesome. We’ve seen them perform in the first Live Earth concert in Sydney back in 2007. They were awesome! My hubby got us this album and I’ve enjoyed listening to it very much. This is one of their classics.

Speaking of the sea - I love it very much. I’m lucky enough to stare at the ocean everyday from my balcony, once in the morning when I wake up and again when I come home after work, If I'm lucky I get to watch a beautiful rainbow and when I wake up  early enough I watch  the sunrise. This weekend a friend came over to visit us from Sydney. We all went to the beach. When we got to the beach, we saw a crowd of people gathering around a guy that caught a brown snake. We decided to get away from the snake area and sit closer to the sea. While walking on the sand, we stepped on thousands of the bloody black beetles that covered all of Qld in the last couple of days. Even after all this terrifying encounter with all my biggest enemies (snakes and bugs – hate them with passion!) I’ve managed to enjoy a relaxing hour with my hubby and our friend by lying down next to the wonderful sea. Check out this beautiful sea song...

Link to the song: From The Sea Eskimo Joe

Lyrics: From The Sea Lyrics

What’s this song about?
Here is a quote from songmeaning website:
To quote the fantastic talented Kav (the singer/songwriter), It’s when you wake up... [and] youve just got the weight of the world on your shoulders. No matter what you do youre looking at everything through a big foggy cloud."

Band’s Official Website:  Eskimo Joe 

Info about the band:  Wikipedia Eskimo Joe

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wolfmother – Dimension (album: Wolfmother 2006)

This song is by the Aussie band Wolfmother. The 2000 band that brings back the good old 1970’s Rock! I personally didn’t think today’s bands could create the same old sounds, that’s unbelievable! The band has been a little bit unstable since the bass guitar player and the drummer have left the band in 2008 however Andrew Stockdale the lead singer recruited new members to the band and released a new album in 2009. He has quite a unique voice so you can recognize him from miles. I assume that when they wrote this song they were referring to the time travelling experience through the sounds that they create...
When my friends and I discovered the good old 70’s music, we fell in love with the era. We started wearing bell bottom pants, cool 70’s necklaces, 70’s vests, flat brown leather shoes. There were markets and festivals that used to sell all kind of hippie style clothes and jewellery and since we were daredevil’s teenagers we used to shoplift from time to time. The adrenaline rush that comes from stealing was quite amazing. Of course we didn’t do it all the time, sometimes we spent money on things. I guess we did it because we really just wanted to have fun and we weren’t scared of anything or anyone. I miss the way we were 20 years ago...I have no idea what happened to that crazy child that was once part of me. Check out this wonderful song...

Link to the song: Dimension Wolfmother

Lyrics: Dimension Lyrics

What’s this song about?
Here are nice comments from Songfacts:
“In this song, Andrew Stockdale sings about being transported to “Another Dimension” meaning travel through time.”
“This song contains a few references to Jimi Hendrix. The Lyrics “Purple Haze was in the sky. See the angel’s wicked eye. All these things we must try. Until we see the reasons why,” are all taken from lyrical quotes of different Hendrix work.

Band’s Official Website: Wolfmother

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Wolfmother

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hilltop Hoods – Chase That Feeling (album: State of The Art 2009)

This song is by the Aussie Hip Hop group Hilltop Hoods. Usually I’m not into Hip Hop at all, why? Don’t know, I find it very boring. But I quite enjoy some of Hilltop songs.I think they are quite awesome and very talented, it sounds a bit different to the American Hip Hop and I like it! I have to say that the Aussie accent goes pretty well with the Hip Hop singing. This song is quite a combination of a good soul song and Hip Hop. It’s hard not to like it actually.

The only other Hip Hop song that I really liked was Pump up the Jam by Technotronic that was released in 1989, I was very young back then. It was such a stupid song with a cool rhythm. This song was played everywhere and they even came out with a stupid dance for it. Everybody knew the stupid dance moves ‘which involved a lot of leg quick leg movements. It was really spastic but everybody was doing it so I had to learn it as well. Thanks to my over practicing, I still remember the dance.  God, we were so pathetic back in the late 80’s and we actually thought that we were cool! Check out this cool song...

Link to the song: Chase That Feeling Hilltop Hoods

Lyrics: Chase That Feeling Lyrics

What’s this song about?
I couldn’t find an official quote from the band but here is a comment that cracked me up from song meaning website:
 “The song's message is one of their profound passion for music, specifically their music. Also they seem to touch on themes of how it is that music has positively effected them and their values compared to individuals who don't have music in their lives.

Or it might all just be an extended metaphor about hunting kangaroos. It's hard to tell.”

Band’s Official Website: Hilltop Hoods

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Hilltop Hoods

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tool – Schism (album: Lateralus 2001)

This next song is by Tool. It’s a very creative band that combines visual arts with their music and that makes them more unique, they have their own style, they are known for their use of complex rhythms and it’s pretty easy to recognize them when you hear their songs. I was first exposed to this particular song in “Guitar Hero”. It’s quite an awesome song. The guitars in this song have quite magical sounds.

Speaking of Art, I’m a big fan of it, not artistic myself. But I do admire Art and I’ve been to a few art galleries and Museums and I’m planning to go to as many as I can in the future. In 1998 I went with my friend to a “Pop Art” exhibition in San Francisco. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. There was an entire floor dedicated to the late Keith Haring which I love very much. Unfortunately he died from complication of Aids at the age of 31. You’ve probably have seen a lot of his work on many T-Shirts. Madonna & U2 are big fan of his work. Anyway, both my friend and I enjoyed it very much. I hope you enjoy this awesome song from a very artistic band...

Link to the song: Schism Tool

Lyrics: Schism Lyrics

What’s this song about?
Here is a comment from songfacts website:

This is about the divisions within the church. It talks about how the church was once good and pure, but has now been corrupted by people.

Info about the band:  Wikipedia - Tool
Band’s Official Website: Tool

Friday, March 25, 2011

Finger Eleven – Paralyzer (album: Them vs. You vs. Me 2007)

This song is by Finger Eleven. This song sounds pretty similar to “Take Me Out” by Franz Ferdinand. The first time I heard this song is when I was taking a Gym class the teacher used this song during one of the sessions and then I’ve searched for this song on the web because it has a really nice rhythm and it’s full of energy. I like it!

It’s been awhile since I’ve exercised; just don’t feel like it these days. When I was young, I was very much into ball games. I loved playing soccer with the boys, felt really special. Growing up I was quite a tomboy. I still seem to enjoy all sort of stupid games. I bought my Hubby balloons for his B-Day and we ended up playing catch all over the apartment. It was quite brutal; I’m surprised we didn’t break anything. I like our stupid games. My hubby always comes up with new games and I just play along. Back to my childhood which was quite awesome, my favourite thing was riding my BMX bikes that I got as a present from my parents! It was blue and it had red wheels. I used to ride my bike everywhere. I loved it so much! I remember the day my dad brought me those bikes, I was maybe 7. He thought me how to ride it and once I managed to do that, it felt so damn good! All my friends from the neighbourhood used to ride together. We formed a BMX gang and it was just wonderful. I really hated the days when I had a flat tyre. But my Brother always managed to fix it for me! God I miss those bikes. It was the greatest gift I have received from my parents! Check out this full of energy song...

Link to the song: Paralyzer Finger Eleven

Lyrics: Paralyzer Lyrics

What’s this song about?
Here is a comment from songmeaning website:
This is direct from an interview with the band:

This song is about lead singer - Scott Anderson's inability to talk to women in the clubs after there shows and at other times as well.

Band’s Official Website: Finger Eleven

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Finger Eleven

Thursday, March 24, 2011

3 Doors Down – It’s Not My Time (album: 3 Doors Down 2008)

This song is by 3 Doors Down. It’s quite a soft song but I love it! This song makes me think about life and how it is important not to waste your energy on day to day stupid things and to focus all your energy on whatever makes you happy, family, friends and everything else you find enjoyable because life is too short and you never know how much time you really have.

I had a few near death experiences in my life, as I mentioned before I was a very naughty girl. When I was around 17, I was hitchhiking with my friends near the town where I lived. We wanted to get to a club and there was no other way to get there but hitchhike. It was late at night and a guy pulled over his car next to us. He looked really dodgy so we decided to give it a miss. We thanked him and asked him to drive away politely. He obviously wouldn’t listen and just parked his car and stared at us for awhile. Back then I had a really big mouth and I wasn’t afraid of anything. Of course I started swearing at him. I said some awful things towards him. He got really mad and came out of his car with a gun. He pointed his gun to my head. I started shaking and my first instinct was to hide behind one of my friends and point her towards the gun. I feel very ashamed of my reaction. Until today, I don’t know why I’ve reacted the way I did. I guess you never really know how you’re going to react until you are put in a shitty situation like this. All my friends were panicking except for one really brave friend that I admire for what she has done. She approached the guy and said “put away your gun, look at this stupid little girl, is it really worth doing time for her?” the man listened to my friend and got into his car and drove away. I was saved! Thanks A for saving my butt that day I think it was a very heroic move, sorry E for making you my human shield didn’t mean to. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this time limited song...

Link to the song: It's Not My Time - 3 Doors Down

Lyrics: It's Not My Time Lyrics

What’s this song about?
Here is a comment from Songfacts Website:
This song was originally written, says 3DD Frontman Brad Arnold, for the remake of the movie The Poseidon Adventure. Says Arnold: “it was gonna be a track on that movie. In the movie, they’re just trying to escape their death. And there’s a ship sinking. They showed me like a 30-second clip of the movie and I went and wrote that song from it. And they wound up not wanting it, so I like, cool we’ll keep it.

Band’s Official Website: 3 Doors Down

Info about the band: Wikipedia - 3 Doors Down

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Police – Every Breath You Take (album: Synchronicity 1983)

This song is by The Police. I had my share of The Police songs when I was a teenager. When I first heard “Every Breath You Take” I thought it was one of the best love songs I’ve ever heard. Every Breath You Take, Every Move you make... such great Lyrics. The fact that he notices every little thing about her... It’s just magical! Although that’s not what Sting meant to say when he wrote this song and that I’ve learned later on reading about the song meaning.

This song is actually about a controlling person that is jealous of his ex after a breakup. It’s a song of anger and not a soft love song at all.  It’s weird how sometimes we interpret songs the way we want it to be and then find out the true meaning of a song which is the complete opposite to what we have imagined. So if you were thinking about dedicating this song to someone you love – Think again! These musicians can be very confusing! Check out this great “not a love” song...

Link to the song: Every Breath You Take - The Police


Lyrics: Every Breath You Take Lyrics

What’s this song about?
The track was written during the collapse of Sting's marriage to Frances Tomelty; the lyrics are the words of a sinister, controlling character, who is watching "every breath you take; every move you make".
Sting later said he was disconcerted by how many people think the song is more positive than it is. He insists it's about unrequited love (the song was written at the time he and his then wife divorced), about the obsession with the lost lover, the jealousy and surveillance that followed. "One couple told me 'Oh we love that song; it was the main song played at our wedding!' I thought, 'Well, good luck.'" When asked why he appears angry in the music video Sting told BBC Radio 2, "I think the song is very, very sinister and ugly and people have misinterpreted it as being a gentle, little love song." (Wikipedia - Every Breath You Take)

 Band’s Official Website: The Police

Info about the band: Wikipedia - The Police

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stone Sour – Through Glass (album: Come what (ever) May 2006)

This song is by Stone Sour. I love this song very much. Cool lyrics & Music and very awesome Video Clip. This song talks about today’s music industry and all the plastic out there , how it’s all about the looks and less about the music, how everything is fake and there is no room for real talented musicians that write their own stuff. I totally agree with it, makes me angry as well.

When I was a teenager, there were rock music festivals everywhere. My friends and I use to go to all of them. We were quite addicted to it. The only issue was that we didn’t have money for tickets and we couldn’t really ask our parents because we were too young to travel by ourselves to different cities. So our solution was to lie to our parents, make stories like “I’m sleeping at a friend’s house” and just hitchhike our way to the festivals. We hitchhiked everywhere! Even cities that were 8 hours drive distance from where we lived. Because we were quite a lot of people, we used to split to groups of 2-3 people and sometimes we would race each other to see who would be the first to arrive to the place. It was quite funny because we always had some delays on the way from all kind of reasons. There were times when we were stuck for hours in deserted places where no one was passing by. I have quite a few interesting stories about our hitchhiking experience. I think the danger and the crazy situations we dealt with made us mature really early, I don’t regret any of it, all of these experiences made me the person I am today – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Great opportunity to apologize to my parents for all the lies! Check out this cool song of mine...

Link to the song: Through Glass Stone Sour

Lyrics: Through Glass Lyrics

What’s this song about?
The song was originally inspired by frontman Corey Taylor's outrage at the music industry and how he felt that the musical revolution had never taken place.
Taylor was quoted as having said:
It really made me mad. I was like, is this it? Have we just gone full circle? Did the singer/songwriter revolution never happen? Is it just the same drivel from the same replicate over and over again? 'Through Glass' is really a very angry song. It's me basically calling 'bullshit' on pretty much everyone involved with the 'American Idol'-type shows. It has its place, but when you're basically cornering the market and making it very hard for anyone who actually writes their own music to get ahead, then it's wrong and that's really why I wrote this song. (Wikipedia – Through Glass)

Band’s Official Website: Stone Sour

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Stone Sour

Monday, March 21, 2011

Travis – Why Does It Always Rain On Me (album: The Man Who 1999)

This song is by Travis. Some people confuse them with Coldplay. Maybe it’s because their lead singers have similar voices and they pretty much look the same. This album had a few hits and their songs were played on the radio all the time. I never get tired of this song. I can always relate to it whenever things go wrong in my life, even little things. This song definitely talks about bad karma.

I have quite a funny story about bad Karma. When I was a teenager, I was quite naughty and I did a lot of crazy shit. When I was maybe 16, my friends and I went to a 3 days music festival in a city that was about an hour from where I lived. We arrived to the festival a day before. We met some other local crazy kids and we all hanged around. I don’t really remember where we slept; I think we just stayed awake the entire night. Next to the festival area there was a zoo and some restaurants. One of the restaurants had a window that was left open. The kids that we just met showed us a way to break into the restaurant and steal some drinks and ice creams. We stayed awake all night breaking in and out and stealing ice creams from the restaurant. At some point we got really bored so we decided to break into the zoo. We had to climb this huge fence and then we just walked around the cages. It was quite scary and fascinating at the same time, seeing all the animals in the dark. Anyway, the day after the festival started. My friend and I didn’t have any cigarettes or food. So we approached people asking for cigarettes and money, in return we gave people a “tip” about that free food restaurant. 10 minutes after, half of the teenagers in the festival were breaking into the restaurant. Of course because it looked very suspicious at some point the police arrived and they caught two teenagers. The story was on the newspaper and when my friends and I heard about it we couldn’t stop laughing. We were so lucky not be caught and at the same time we ate, drank, smoked all for free. It was quite funny although I feel sorry for the people that got caught, definitely bad karma! Check out this cool song...

Link to the song: Why does it always rain on me - Travis

Lyrics: Why does it always rain on me

What’s this song about?
Here are some theories from Songfacts website:
“Lead Singer Fran Healy wrote the song while on holiday in Israel. He wanted to go somewhere sunny because in his hometown of Glasgow it rained all the time. In an interview at the live 8 concert, he explained that he was spending a short holiday in the southern vacation city Eilat in the middle of the winter. The city is known for its hot weather even during winter time but surprisingly it began to rain for two days during his stay.”

Band’s Official Website: Travis

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Travis

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chris Cornell – You know my Name (album: Carry On 2006)

This song is by Chris Cornell. He is so awesome!!! I’ve seen him perform in 2007 in Sydney. He was just amazing! This is his most successful song. This song was composed especially for Casino Royal James Bond movie.

My Hubby is definitely the real James Bond, at least my ideal “James Bond” kind of guy ;) He is not afraid of anything and he is really into extreme sport. He is quite the opposite of me. I’m scared of heights, scared of sharks, scared of anything that can get me killed basically. But He did manage to get me into snowboarding which I quite enjoyed. Of course he had to challenge my fears by taking me through a black run when I was barley controlling the board or my body for that matter. Sometimes I do feel like a Bond Girl around him with all the scary situations that I find myself facing thanks to him. He made me go on really scary rides which completely traumatised me! But I guess the weirdest thing I’ve ever done so far is to enter our apartment while it was covered with moths. My hubby went kite surfing and on his way back he realized that he forgot his pants at home. He rang me and asked me to get him a pair of pants before he gets home because he was drenched with water wearing only his swim pants. Around October is when the Moths season starts in Sydney and we accidently left one of the windows in our apartment open. As soon as I got home from work I opened our apartment door and found approximately 10,000 moths covering our apartment walls. There were no white spots left on our walls. There were moths flying everywhere. I’ve never seen anything like it before. It was quite a disgusting sight! My Hubby didn’t realize how bad it was and asked me to stop acting like a baby and get into the apartment and grab him a pair of pants. And so I did. I felt like I was a contestant in the “Fear Factor”. When My Hubby came home he praised me for my courage. He thought it was quite crazy. As for the moths, they all had a taste of our vacuum cleaner... check out this awesome James Bond song...

Link to the song: You Know My Name Chris Cornell

Lyrics: You Know My Name Lyrics

Chris Cornell Official Website: Chris Cornell

Info about Chris Cornell: Wikipedia - Chris Cornell

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Maná - En El Muelle De San Blas (album: Sueños Líquidos 1997)

This song is by the Mexican Rock Band Maná. I was exposed to this band while travelling in Costa Rica back in 1998. They have released this album at the end of 1997 and their songs were playing everywhere. It was very contagious. I fell in love with their music and just before I left the country I went into a record shop and bought this disc. Unfortunately 2 months in Central America was not enough time for me to learn the language. I knew how to order my burger or a drink but I had no idea what their lyrics were about. Luckily I had my Dad that speaks an excellent Spanish and was kind enough to translate most of their songs for me. I’ve discovered they have quite deep lyrics. Check out this wonderful song.

The song is about a young girl falling in love with a man that sails away and promises to return, for many years she stays loyal and everyday waits for his return on the wharf of San Blas but he never comes back. That brings me to the story of Florence Martus aka “waving girl” that was the unofficial greeter of all ships that entered and left the port of Savannah, Georgia in the years 1887-1931. She used to wave a handkerchief in the day and a lantern at night .according to legend she didn’t miss any ship in her frothy-four years watch. There were speculations about the reason for her actions and one of them is that she had fallen in love as a young girl with a sailor and wanted to be sure he would find here when he returned.

Link to the song: Muelle De San Blas Mana

Lyrics & Translation to English: Muelle De San Blas

Band’s Official Website: Mana

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Mana

Friday, March 18, 2011

Staind – So Far away (album: 14 Shades of Grey 2003)

Today it’s my Hubby’s and I 10th anniversary. I remember the day we’ve met as if it was yesterday. He was working at this company and I came over to replace his company’s receptionist for one day, it was back when I was a student and I had a lot of temp jobs. As soon as he walked in, he took off his sunglasses and introduced himself. I fell in love instantly! I even checked out his ass while he was walking away to his cubicle... I remember calling my friend straight after and telling her that I’ve just met my future husband. I knew we are going to end up together. It was quite weird because I never felt so strongly about anything in my life. For the first time in my life I was right! We did get married and this was our wedding song.

This song became “our song” before we got married, It was right after we moved to Australia years and years ago. We were both so excited about the move! Everything really changed for the better for both of us since the move. We felt like every word was written especially for us and described exactly how we feel about Australia. Although it’s so far away we both feel that we have reached heaven and Australia is the most magnificent place on earth. This song always reminds me how I live a wonderful spoiled life and makes me appreciate everything that I have in my life. I hope both My Hubby and I will continue to enjoy our life journey together and I hope that we get to celebrate many more wonderful years together. It still feels as if I had just met him yesterday. He is my past my present and my future. Check out “our” awesome song...

Link to my previous Staind post: 10/01/11

Link to the song: So Far away Staind

Lyrics: So Far away Lyrics

What's this song about?

So Far Away" has been described by critics as 'an honest and grateful musing on success'; fans however feel that the song represents Aaron Lewis moving on in life and speaking of hope and uncertainty, along with the running theme of 14 Shades of Grey.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Santana – Smooth (album: Supernatural 1999)

This song is by Santana – Carlos Santana’s band. It’s from their most successful album “Supernatural” and it’s absolutely magnificent! This album features Lauren Hill, Rob Thomas, Eric Clapton, The Mexican Band Mana, Dave Matthews Band and others. I choose a song that is sung by Rob Thomas, I think he is a very talented dude! Rob wrote this song for his Puerto Rican wife.

This song from some reason reminds me of my trip to Mexico Cancun which was amazing. My Friend and I were sitting in a bar drinking our beers than all of the sudden a big black guy approched me and ask me "how much" ? I don't know how and why he has mistaken me for a Mexican Whore! It was quite fuuny , I didn't get offended or anyhting I don't really look Mexican and definitely wasn't wearing any clothes that indicated that I was a whore or anything like it. It was quite funny and scary at the same time. I should have given him a pricey rate! At the same night the bartender was very friendly and started rolling some paper while talking to us. I assumed it was weed. My friend I decided to leave the bar because we didn't want to get in any sort of trouble. As we were walking out of the bar, the bartender started to chase us, we were really scared but we stopped to see what he wants. He said "I just want to give you this" and handed us a flower that he made out of paper that I thought was suppose to be for his weed. He actually made us a sweet origami flower!!! It was quite charming! We didn't return to the bar aftewwards because it was too much action for one night! Overall we had a nice time in Cancun. It's a great place just to relax on the beach and go out at night time. The Mexicans have a really awesome beer called "Dos Equis XX" which I definitely recommend! This song is about a Spanish Munequita, check it out...

Link to the song:Smooth Santana


Lyrics: Smooth Lyrics

What’s this song about?
Rob Thomas wrote this song for his wife, Marisol Thomas. The pair married in 1999, after meeting backstage in 1998. Of Puerto Rican origin, she was the inspiration behind lines such as, "My muñequita, my Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa" Thomas stated in interviews that the phrase "Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa" was inspired by the 1972 Elton John song Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters, which includes references to the 1961 Ben E. King song Spanish Harlem (song). (Wikipedia – Smooth)

Band’s Official Website: Santana

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Santana

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tokyo Hotel – Monsoon (album: Scream 2007)

This song is by Tokyo Hotel a bunch of kids from Germany. This song is quite magical!  Simple lyrics and music that are so well written that you can almost feel the rain and the wind coming at you. Magnificent song!!!

The first time that I’ve experienced something similar to Monsoon is when I was travelling in Costa Rica. I remember how my friend and I were lying on the beach in Manuel Antonio one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. The heat was unbearable and all of the sudden it started to rain, it was pouring. We were amazed by it. We had never experienced anything like that before, Costa Rica was quite a magical place with so much green and waterfalls everywhere, the people are so nice and generous. I have been to places where people live the simplest life, making a living from fishing and tourism and they are not interested in technology. they are the happiest people in the world. That was about 14 years ago. I’m hoping that everything stayed the same in the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. I would like to visit there again one day. I hope you enjoy this crazy weather song...

Link to the song: Monsoon Tokyo Hotel

Lyrics: Monsoon Lyrics

They poured water in the middle of the show, that can’t be good!!!

What’s this song about?
Here is a theory from Songacts website:
“The song is for anyone that's going through a hard time with someone else going through the hard time (monsoon) with you. Eventually you'll make it out and you'll just be together peacefully (where the rain won't hurt).”

Band’s Official Website: Tokyo Hotel

Info about the Band: Wikipedia - Tokio Hotel