Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ugly Kid Joe – Cat’s in the cradle (album: Verities & Balderdash 1990)

This song is by Ugly Kid Joe. I fell in love with it the first time I’ve heard it. It is such an awesome song! This is a cover song for Harry Chapin’s song. I’ve added the original song by Harry Chapin as well.

This song is about the crazy cycle of life and our relationship with our parents. When we are kids we constantly want to be around our parents and wish we could be like them and we think they know everything. As you grow old you want to spend less time with your parents, you realize that there are a lot things they don’t know and a few things you would do differently and wish you’ll never become like your parents. It’s quite funny! I believe that once my Hubby and I will have kids of our own we will experience this cycle as well. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to spend enough time with my kids while they are growing up because later on they wouldn’t want me around them anymore. I’ll make sure to always explain to them that I don’t know everything and that they should always have a mind of their own. I’ll show them what’s good and what’s bad but I’ll always make sure that they’ll find their own path in this world and I’m hoping that they wouldn’t want to be like us and just be whatever they feel like. Check out this wonderful cover song…

Lyrics: Cat's in the cradle Ugly Kid Joe

What’s this song about?

The song is told in first-person by a father who is too busy to spend time with his son. Though the son asks him to join in childhood activities, the father always responds with little more than vague promises of spending time together in the future, peppered with images from nursery rhymes. While wishing to spend time with his father, the son continues to admire him, wishing to be "just like him". This shapes the son's future behavior, as shown in the slightly-altered line "But we'll get together then, Dad". The final two verses are a reverse of the roles, where the father asks his now graduated and grown-up son to visit, but the son responds with his father's line. The father then reflects that they are both alike, saying "my boy was just like me." (Wikipedia – Cat’s in the cradle)

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