Monday, May 30, 2011

The Cult – Wild Flower (album: Electric 1987)

This song is by The Cult. Such a great song! My Hubby used to play with a band that was doing covers and this is one of their songs. He is brilliant on the guitar!  This song could have a double meaning – it either an ode for a woman or weed, one of the two.
Which brings me back to my experience of smoking weed or actually it wasn’t really weed. When I was about 16, my friends and I went to a theatre festival. It was around the period when I discovered alcohol and weed. One of my friends tricked me into thinking that I’m smoking weed. She rolled up a cigarette and said that it was weed. This friend used to joke around all the time but of course I believed her and for about an hour or so I was making a fool of myself in front of all my friends. I was very embarrassed to discover that it wasn’t weed after all. I was so convinced that I was stoned. I’ve learned something from this experience – I’ve learned that I can completely control my body with my mind. I’ve learned that there is a strong connection between my body and my feelings. It was a great discovery! Check out this cool rock song...

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