Thursday, May 19, 2011

Reamonn – Supergirl (album: Tuesday 2000)

This song is by the Germen Rock band Reamonn. It’s an awesome song. Their lead singer Rea Garvey is actually Irish that moved to Germany. But this information has nothing to do with anything!

I think this song is about a girl pretending to be so strong and independent and scared to open up to her man because she scared to be perceived as weak, she keeps telling him that she is a Supergirl and she doesn’t show her true feelings. I’m not a Supergirl and I’m pretty proud of it. I often share my feelings with my hubby because he is there to protect me and take care of me and this is an important part of being in a good relationship. I think you always need someone else to balance you and to complete you. I agree that there situations in life that you need to deal with issues on your own, so I don’t cry on my Hubby’s shoulder all the time – he would probably argue on what I just wrote since he thinks I’m quite a whinger!  Anyway, I believe it’s healthy to show your weaknesses and it’s even better to have someone beside you to share your emotions and it’s OK not to be a Supergirl or a superman all the time. We are only human and we all just want to be loved and the best way to accept love is to unveil all masks. Check out this super song...

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