Thursday, May 12, 2011

Garbage – I think I’m paranoid (album: Version 2.0 1998)

This next song is by Garbage. Does anyone remember them? I was so impressed when they have released their first “Garbage” album back in 1995. I heard a few songs on the radio and bought their album straight after. I’m usually not a fan of girls in a band but I think Shirley Manson is a great vocalist.

This song is actually from their second album, I think it’s their best one. This song is probably about having a crush on a boy and playing it hard to get while you know you really want him but you pretend you don’t. I think every girl acted like that at least once in her life. I’m not really good at pretend, when I want something I’m quite obvious about it ;) check out this really cool song...

Link to the song: I think I’m paranoid Garbage

Lyrics: I think I’m paranoid

Band’s Official Website: Garbage

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Garbage

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