Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rise Against - Re-Education (Through Labor) (album: Appeal to Reason 2008)

This song is by Rise Against. It’s another cool song that was discovered by my Hubby, He is definitely Henry’s best private investigator with all his findings so far! It has great lyrics as well, it talks about working for the man situation, being a 9 to 5 kind of guy. It’s not easy, trust me I go through it every day and I’m not sure how long I can survive!

Anyway, back to my army stories. When I was in the army I was very spoiled and I’ve chosen to be hated by my unit friends than doing any chores! There were many things to do in my unit which was a real bummer! Once a week all the soldiers in my unit had to clean up the entire unit. It was a very annoying task that took a lot of energy from everyone; we even had to clean the unit toilets. Anyway , as I’ve mentioned before I was quite a selfish bitch back then , I’ve spoken to my commander about it and I’ve managed to convince  him that as a senior secretary I shouldn’t be part of the soldiers chores since I’m working harder than the rest of the soldiers and I always have to be available in case of an emergency. Of course he didn’t argue with that since he knew I was quite a trouble maker and he better get me off all chores. None of the officers had any issue with this decision. The only person that had a huge problem with it was the soldier that was in charge of the maintenance in my unit. For a while he didn’t say anything, one day we had a big clean up for the base commander, This guy came over to my office and said “ you are going to clean with the rest of us and you will do whatever I tell you to do…” I got really annoyed and replied “ do you see that tree outside , I’m going to climb it now and give you orders…” to give you a bit of a background about that tree, It was located outside of our unit  in the entrance and if you looked up to the second floor from the entrance there was our unit meeting room which had huge windows. During my fight with this guy we had an officer meeting in that room. Anyway back to the tree , even though I’m scared of heights I had to prove my point to this guy so I’ve started climbing the tree, of course I fell from the tree because I couldn’t stop laughing , at this point this guy was laughing as well. I’ve managed to get a nasty bruise on my forearm , nothing serious but It was quite sore. My commander and his officers watched me falling from the tree during their officer’s meeting , my commander just shook his head as he couldn’t understand what I was doing on that tree. Eventually I didn’t clean anything and no one really cared about afterwards, back to this awesome song , check it out..

Lyrics: Re-Education (Through Labor) Lyrics

What’s this song about?

Frontman Tim McIlrath spoke to MTV News about this song: "It's talking a lot about the 9-to-5, dog-eat-dog lifestyle, and what we are asked to do to simply make ends meet nowadays, and I think it's a feeling shared by people all around the world and especially in this country." (Wikipedia – Re-Education (Through Labor)

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