Friday, March 11, 2011

Kisschasy – Spray on Pants (album: Hymns for the Nonbeliever 2007)

This song is by the Aussie band Kisschasy. It’s such a cool song. I saw on Chanel V that they were playing outside of Bendigo train station and I thought to myself how cool is that to surprise people in the middle of the day with a gig. Apparently it was Chanel’s V project with other bands playing live everywhere. Still, I think it’s cool that they took part of it.

This song is about the “emo” fashion that developed in the 21st century. This fashion relates to today’s alternative music fans. It’s the tight jeans and tight t-shirts that usually bear the name of the band. When I was a teenager, my friends and I use to wear all black for a long period because that was the fashion among youth who were listening to heavy metal music back in the 90’s. We also use to cut the top of our t shirts so it will show the line of our bra; I have no clue why we did that, quite a weird fashion we have developed. We were very cool back then, I’m not so cool today, quite nerdy actually!  Anyway check out this awesome song...

Lyrics: Spray on Pants Kisschasy

What’s this song about?
The song is a take on the perceived emo subculture in Australia, alluding to the very tight black jeans often forming the basis of "emo" fashion. (wikipedia – spray on pants)

Band’s Official Website: Kisschasy

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Kisschasy