Monday, August 1, 2011

Jane’s Addiction – Stop (album: Ritual de lo Habitual 1990)

This is another great song by Jane’s Addiction , I just love it and I think they are quite an awesome band in general!!!
I think this song it’s pretty relevant to the recent horror events that occurred in Norway, A crazy guy (not worth to mention his name on my blog!) that went on a murder spree by bombing central of Oslo and shooting innocent young people and eventually killing 76 people in total and I have no idea how many he had injured and how many lives had been destroyed by his actions. He claimed that he killed all these people to free Europe from Islam. what scares me the most is that we always believed that terror attacks are being executed by extreme Islamic organizations such as “Al Quaida” and Isalamic Leaders that encourage these terror attacks such as Sadam Hussein however America got rid of both Sadam Hussien and Osama Bin Laden and still the world is crazy as it is and every day there are new crazy evil people that find a different reason to destroy other’s people life and creating a real threat to our freedom. The world is gone completely nuts and it really scares me, these days I’m still considering whether it’s a good idea to raise children in this chaotic world. This is a nice line from this song: “don’t save the complaints for party conversations, the world is loaded it’s lit to pop and nobody is gonna stop! “ check out this wonderful song about the current sad situation in the world…

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Lyrics: Stop Lyrics

What’s this song about?

Here is a nice comment from Songfacts website:

In this song, lead singer Perry Farrell takes on environmental destruction and cultural malaise, asking listeners to turn off both their smokestacks and radios. The "water will run" image seemed a little dramatic at the time, but history proved that Farrell was right, as climate change exasperated by humans led to floods and other natural disasters.