Friday, January 6, 2012

Irresistible Force – Jane’s Addiction (album: The Great Escape Artist 2011)

This next song is from Jane’s Addiction new album The Great Escape Artist which is really wonderful. My Hubby loves it as well. I recently purchased the album and I must say, it took them eight years to release it but it was absolutely worth waiting for. The album is a combination of the good old Jane’s Addiction sounds with some electronic music and it is simply excellent. They've made a good use of today’s technology and still remained true to their music genre.

According to Perry the song is about a combination of the big bang theory and the Old Testament and the male-female act of cosmic love. Interesting concept, I don’t really understand the big bang theory and I don’t really care how we got here. The most important thing is that we are here to stay, at least for now. Speaking of cosmic things, on the 31/12/11 my Hubby and I sat outside our balcony on the 27th floor and we had the most divine experience  with a pelican that flew right above our heads. He flew so close to us that we can almost touch his beautiful wings. It was so breathtaking. We both agreed that it’s a great start for a new year. I love birds, especially pelicans. They are my favourite bird. They are such noble creatures. Anyway, I hope you enjoy Jane’s Addiction's ode to nature.

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Lyrics: Irresistible Force

What’s this song about?

This is a comment by Perry Farrell from Jane’s Addiction website:

“Many of you love the song Irresistible Force. You've asked me what the lyrics were about. Usually I wouldn't discuss it- I'd prefer to leave it up to the interpretation of the listener. For who likes to be given answers to a puzzle? Right? The fun runs out. However, there have been several misinterpretations given out by the press, and as the author, I do wish to clarify. The song is really a love story, and a theory on creation. Combining the science of the big bang, and the theology of the Old Testament. Adding the notion that it was in fact a conscious male-to-female act of cosmic love. I know of no life that was ever created without male-female union. A sexual explosion caused the creation of our galaxy, and all earthly life. We- in both his and hers image- continue this process. The line "We've become a big business" has nothing to do with Jane's Addiction- but speaks about God and his bride. "A galaxy merger. Two of us a big bang!" A true romance in the cosmos...”