Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cavo – Champagne (album: Bright Nights, Dark Days 2009)

This next song is by Cavo. Cool song about a lot of champagne and maybe cocaine. This song is about one hell of a party! well not really , it's actually about broken relationship again! but every song can be whatever you wanted it to be so for me it's a party song! 
The best party I’ve have attended was when I was maybe 17, one of my friends moved out of her house because she didn’t get along with her parents and the parents couldn’t cope with her crazy behaviour. She moved in with her aunt and uncle. Just when she started to behave, the aunt and uncle decided to go away on one weekend and left the house with my friend, a huge mistake for them and happy times for us! My dear friend has thrown the best party ever, invited everyone she’s known. It was the best party ever! There was a lot of alcohol involved and a lot of crazy youngsters that took advantage of the situation and completely smashed the house. People were throwing furniture out of the balcony, completely broke the stuff in the house. At some point I even saw someone rolling down the stairs with the computer chair which was just hilarious. People were having sex everywhere. The place was a complete chaos.  Of course we stayed back to clean the mess but after this disaster my friend had to move out of her uncle’s house. It was quite funny because the all idea of her moving in with her uncle and aunt was supposed to get her back in track and it did the complete opposite which we found very entertaining. She was such a cool girl, had no boundaries whatsoever! Today she is an alternative therapist helping people with their emotional issues and she is very good at it. I guess only a person that experienced difficulties in their life can actually help other people, she is very good in her area; check out this awesome song...

Link to the song: Champagne Cavo

Lyrics: Champagne Lyrics

Band’s Official Website: Cavo

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Cavo

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