Sunday, June 12, 2011

Republica – Ready to go (album: Republica 1996)

This song is by Republica. They had two really big hits back in 1996. I loved this song very much! I’ve listened to a few other songs and they are quite cool.
I’m guessing this song is about bad relationship Again. I’ll tell you about the first boy in my life. All through elementary school I was hanging around with one sweet boy, he was my neighbor and in the same class with me. For 6 years we were constantly together. Everyone thought we are going to be end up together for the rest of our life. When I was 12 years old, my parents decided to move to a different town and that was the end of our friendship. Anyway, when I was about 10 he gave me a nice photo of him making a sweet boyish pose. In return I gave him a photo of me making a silly face with a puffy hair, I looked really spastic but it was the purpose of this photo because I thought it was funny and I wanted him to laugh. One day we had a huge fight and we stopped talking to each other. Because we were just kids and kids usually do horrible things to each other, he took the photo and he showed it to all kids in my neighborhood, everyone was making fun of my photo. I did look ridicules but I was trying to share something funny with my friend that was my way of sharing something with him. I think he expected a normal photo of just a sweet girl and he got this stupid photo. I found it very entertaining. Because everyone was making fun of me, I didn’t leave the house for a week; it was quite a trauma for me. Looking back I’m quite amazed by the fact that at such young age I had a sense of humor and none of the neighborhood kids could understand it. I’m quite amazed by the way I was looking at life and how I always wanted to laugh and have fun. Of course I did have my revenge a few years later, when I moved to my new town I got my new girlfriends to prank this boy all the time. It was funny! Eventually all my friends from the previous town used to hang out in the same alternative rock clubs I used to go to so I got to see this boy everywhere. It always made me think that even if my parents decided to stay in the previous town I would have ended up in the same place. It’s quite weird! Check out this cool song…

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