Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Clash - Rock the Casbah (Album: Combat Rock 1982)

This song is by The Clash. This is a great song that pretty much symbolises the great 80’s music era. It’s very relevant to the recent revolutions that occurred in the Middle East countries and of course the death of Bin Laden.

This song was created out of frustration of the band with their manger which complained about the length of a song that the band has written. This song pretty much talks about all the rulers in Arab countries like Iran for example that ban all  western culture in their countries. In 2005 Ahmadinejad banned all western music in Iranian state Television and Radio. This is what he had to say about his ban: “Music dulls the mind because it involves pleasure and ecstasy, similar to drugs. It destroys our youth who become poisoned by it.” I’m dedicating this song to Mr Ahmadinejad, the biggest wanker alive, and as the great Led Zeppelin once said: “your time is gonna come” be sure of that !Check out this awesome song...

Link to the song: Rock The Casbah The Clash

Lyrics: Rock The Casbah Lyrics

What’s this song?

The song gives a fabulist account of a ban on rock music by the Sharif or King being defied by the population, who proceed to "rock the casbah". The King orders jet fighters to bomb any people in violation of the ban. The pilots ignore the orders, and instead play rock music on their cockpit radios. (Wikipedia – Rock The Casbah)

Band’s Official Website: The Clash

Info about the band: Wikipedia - The Clash

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