Monday, February 28, 2011

Jet – Look what you’ve done (album: Get Born 2004)

This next song is by the Aussie band Jet. They have an awesome sound, very much 60’ and 70’s style.  This song is from their first album Get Born which made them very successful. It’s a great album and an awesome song. My hubby found this song for us and I use to play it all the time.

“Give me back my point of view cause I just can’t think for you...”my favourite line from this song. I’m guessing this song is about a relationship that’s gone wrong cause one of sides cheated on the other. “Oh well , it seems like such fun until you lose what you had won" check out this awesome song...
Link to the song: Look what you've done Jet

Lyrics: Look what you’ve done Lyrics

Song Inspiration:
This song was greatly inspired by The Beatles song "Sexy Sadie". Its title and the most commonly repeated line in the song "Look what you've done", plus the line "You made a fool of everyone", were taken directly from "Sexy Sadie". Besides from that, the overall sound of the song bears a great resemblance to "Sexy Sadie". ( Wikipedia - Look what you’ve done)

Band’s Official Website: Jet

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Jet

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hoobastank – The Reason (album: The Reason 2004)

This song is by Hoobastank. I got very addicted to this song, it’s just wonderful. I heard it for the first time on the radio when they just released it. Looked for the Video on the web and played it over and over again.

Warning - it’s quite a mushy song. You already know I’m a girl and we can’t help it sometimes. It’s exactly like shopping – It’s another urge that we need to fulfil! This song is about a guy that hurts his girl’s feelings and now he regrets it and he realizes that she is the reason for everything in his life. Question – why do we girls realize things straight away and you boys take your time, torture us and then feeling sorry for it. I guess I’ll never know the answer to that. In the meantime just try to enjoy my girly song...

Link to the song: The Reason Hoobastank

Lyrics: The Reason Lyrics

Band’s Official Website: Hoobastank

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Hoobastank

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Paramore – Ignorance (album: Brand New Eyes 2009)

This next song is by Paramore. Their singer Hayley Williams is one of the best female singers in the music industry. She is quite amazing. This is a really good song. My Hubby likes it very much. They wrote a beautiful song for Twilight movie, I watched the first movie and I hated it. It was such a waste of my time. I don’t understand the fuss about this movie. It’s crap!

This song talks about friendship and how people change with time. People that you got along with when you were growing up are completely different people today and it’s quite amazing how things that you had in common just disappear with time. At least you are left with nice memories and no one can take it away from you. Check out this cool song.

Link to the song: Ignorance Paramore

Lyrics: Ignorance Lyrics

What’s this song about?
In an interview with Kerrang!, Williams, who co-wrote the song, discussed the singles meaning, and her and Farro's inspiration for writing the song, saying,
"In my eyes, this song is a huge turning point for the band. The truth of it is, growing up is not easy. We’re five different people who have to work towards the same goal on a daily basis. There were a lot of times when I felt really alone or angry or insecure. I don’t always feel good at confronting people, especially people that I love, like these guys. Sometimes it takes songs to get the point across. The song is from one person’s perspective. It’s unfair that I’m the one who gets to talk about it but it helped me a lot. The line ‘ignorance is your new best friend’ is about how I felt I was losing people, and I think the band did too. But it’s okay, we’re growing up. I love that song.”(Wikipedia – Ignorance)

Band’s Official Website: Paramore

Info about the Band: Wikipedia - Paramore

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Smiths – Unhappy Birthday (album: Strangeways, Here We Come 1987)

Today it’s my B-Day! Yay!  Happy Birthday to Me ;) I had to find a B-Day song for myself. The best B-Day song that I could think of is by The Smiths. It is quite a vicious birthday song but it cracks me up! Check out this awesome song and the link to my previous post about The Smiths.

“I’ve come to wish you an unhappy birthday, I’ve come to wish you an unhappy Birthday cause your evil and you lie and if you should die, I may feel slightly sad but I won’t cry...”  I always wanted to dedicate it to someone but I never found the right person, feel free to use it on someone.

Lyrics: Unhappy Birthday Lyrics

Link to my previous post on The Smiths - 31/01/11

Thursday, February 24, 2011

K’s Choice – Everything for Free (album: Cocoon Crash 1998)

This next song is by the Belgian Rock band K’s Choice. The lead singer has a fantastic voice. I was working in a record shop when they have just released this song. I listened to it all the time, play it in the shop all the time. People started to get sick of it at some point so I had to stop. It was probably the best job I’ve ever had. Listening to records all day long and get paid for it. How cool is that?

Quite a sad song about a guy in a mental institution. I thought it would be a great change for my blog, a song that is not about drug abuse. Although I heard about a few people that travelled to India and took some mushrooms and gone completely mental and end up in an institution so here we go again... I actually worked with a guy that his son took a mushroom and now he is a complete schizo.  Met the guy, he is screwed for life and this is all thanks to the wonders of curiosity...if you don’t know something and you heard it might do you damage – Do Not Touch It!!! Pretty simple isn’t it?
Check it out this song that I like...

Link to the song: Everything for Free K's Choice

Lyrics: Everything for Free Lyrics

What’s this song about?
I couldn’t find the meaning on the web but some guy wrote a comment on the video in YouTube and I strongly agree with his interpretation of the lyrics.
“The song is about a man who's being held in a psychiatric hospital.
He suffers from a mental illness and he tells his story In the end (the last paragraph) he repeats what he have said in the beginning, which symbolize his illness” (Ofir YouTube) “

Band’s Official Website: K's Choice

Info about the band: Wikipedia - K's Choice

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Arabian Knights (album: Juju 1981)

This song is by siouxsie and the banshees. I use to go out to clubs with Alternative Rock music only. Siouxsie and the Banshees songs were always playing on the background. I was impressed especially from the fact that Robert Smith from the cure played with them for awhile and you know how much I love him already. My sister bought a collection disc and for awhile I’ve adopted it. I’ve enjoyed it very much.
In this song Siouxsie is criticizing part of the Arab culture that treats their women unfairly. Brings me back to the Afghan women that have no rights and no will of their own. Really sad reality. We are very lucky to have the freedom to be whatever we want whenever we want.
I can’t believe that in the 21st century there are still women out there that can’t speak what’s on their mind. How long will it last?!? Anyway, check out this wonderful old song...

Link to the song: Arabian Knights Siouxsie and the Banshees

Lyrics: Arabian Knights

The Meaning of “Arabian Knights:
A collection of folktales in Arabic dating from the 10th century

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Siouxsie and the Banshees

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here & Time (albums: Wish You Were Here 1975, The Dark Side of the Moon 1973)

These 2 songs are by Pink Floyd. I was never a fan of the band, I guess it’s because I found their music to be too surreal and I never took the time to read their lyrics which are quite poetic. Both my brother and Hubby are big fans so they made me fall in love with 2 of their songs. Today I’ve decided to share these two songs that are very important to me.

“Time” - My hubby has written the lyrics of “Time” for me and I hanged it on my cubic wall at work. it was quite hard to work properly while the following words are hanged above your head: “Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day fritter and waste the hours in an off-hand way....” besides the fact that it made me think about my life I was very moved by this gesture from my hubby, it made me feel closer to him and understand why he lives his life to the fullest every day, he is not afraid of taking risks and I admire him very much for that.

“Wish You Were Here” - My brother has dedicated this song to me. He told me that he attended a funeral yesterday of a 24 years old boy that was killed in a motorcycle accident. He described the boy as someone that embraced the meaning of “living on the edge” and made it his bible. He also told me that this song was written out of longing to someone and specifically to Syd Barrett the original lead singer of the band that had left the band due to a mental breakdown. I dedicate this song back to my brother and my sister,both my music guru’s that are physically far from me but both have a very special corner in my heart.

Lyrics: Time Lyrics

Lyrics: Wish You Were Here Lyrics

Time – What’s this song about?
The lyrics of the song deal with Roger Waters's realization that life was not about preparing yourself for what happens next, but about grabbing control of your own destiny. (Wikipedia – Time)

Wish You Were Here -What’s this song about?
Here is a comment from songfacts website:
“Roger Waters has said this song was based on a poem he wrote about Syd Barrett's fall from reality. It was said that Syd's friends would lace his coffee with LSD, which eventually lead to his mental breakdown. “

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Pink Floyd

Monday, February 21, 2011

Muse – Time is Running Out (album: Absolution 2003)

This song is by Muse. What an awesome band!!! I have a whole lot of respect for these three boys. What an awesome drummer and the Lead Singer Matthew Bellamy Is unbelievably talented!!! My hubby and I went to see their Concert in Brisbane. He got us tickets for the stalls area next to the stage. We enjoyed it so much. One of the best concerts I’ve seen so far. They were definitely worth standing for...

Sounds to me like this song is about an obsessive relationship. He knows she is sucking the life out of him but he still can’t give her up. I had a friend like that, I knew she wasn’t good for me but because she was a childhood friend I wasn’t ready to let go. Anyway she is long gone now. This is another one of my life motto’s, It is better to be surrounded by a just few people that really care and love you than to be around many people that causing you grieve. That’s the reason why I think Facebook is stupid. I don’t understand the purpose of keeping in touch with strangers that you don’t really care about. Anyway each to their own, it’s not my place to judge anyone.
I think this is one of their best songs, check it out...

Link to the song: Time is Running Out Muse

Lyrics: Time is Running Out Lyrics

What’s this song about?
The song is about the emotion of a person during the last moments of the person's life, which by Bellamy's account can be applied to "society, a relationship, your religion or whatever". (Musewiki website)

Band’s Official Website: Muse

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Muse

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Grinspoon – Lost Control (album: New Detention 2002)

This next song is by the Aussie band Grinspoon. They are very cool band and I love this song very much. This album was criticised by many fans in Australia since it was more commercialised and more mainstream music. I think it’s an awesome album.

This song is about the struggle of making it as a Rock n’ Roll band in today’s music industry. The music taste changed completely and it is really hard to get famous playing rock music. Today it’s mostly about the looks and less about the music and most kids are exposed to a really shitty music that focuses on fashion and not on sounds and instruments anymore. I know if I’ll have kids one day , the first thing I’ll do is take out all my records and start feeding them rock in an early age so they won’t be affected by today’s crap called music. Check out this very cool song...

Link to the song: Lost Control Grinspoon

Lyrics: Lost Control Lyrics

The story behind the album cover: 
The original cover featured a target range over a classroom with empty desks, which was misinterpreted by some as promoting terrorism. However, the photo had to be changed due to copyright issues as the band had unknowingly only licensed the photo for 5000 copies, as the album had sold many more copies than that. Complaints to Universal Records and Grinspoon about the terrorism misinterpretation and the copyright issues led the artwork to be changed for the re-release. The album was re-released with a changed cover, featuring the band in green. (Wikipedia - New Detention)

Band’s Official Website: Grinspoon

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Grinspoon

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Prodigy – voodoo people (album: Music for the Jilted Generation 1994)

This next song is by The Prodigy, They are so cool. They have quite a few masterpieces. My first exposure to The Prodigy was when I was on a holiday resort with my friends back when I was a teenager. There was a jukebox in the food court area close to the beach and I remember we kept putting coins to listen to this new and awesome song called out of space by The Prodigy, we were crazy dancing and other teenagers kept joining us. I’ve wasted all my money on the bloody machine and I had no money left for food! good old times that food didn’t really matter.

I’m guessing this song is about Magic People, Voodoo people but I can be wrong hahaha... I hope you like this song as much as I do ;)

Link to the song: Voodoo People The Prodigy

Lyrics: voodoo people Lyrics

Song Background:
The spoken parts ("... the voodoo who do what you don't dare do people...") are taken from "The Shalimar," written and performed by Gylan Kain, one of The Last Poets.
The main riff in the song is based on a sample of the Nirvana song "Very Ape" from their third studio album In Utero. (Wikipedia – Voodoo People)

Band’s Official Website: The Prodigy

Info about the band: Wikipedia - The Prodigy

Friday, February 18, 2011

Placebo – A Song to Say Goodbye (album: Meds 2006)

This song is by Placebo, I love this song very much. I also really like the covers that they did for Pixies and Depeche Mode.

This song is probably about a guy that gave up on his friend with his drug addiction, he wants to say goodbye because he know he lost his friend for drugs and nothing is left for him to do , It’s too late. He doesn’t understand why his friend doesn’t appreciate how lucky and talented he is. Sounds like the typical rock star story that wastes his life on drugs. It’s the same concept of “Wasted Time” by Skid Row that was written on Steven Adler former Guns n’ Roses Drummer. If you were wondering about the “Lucky 7’s” – 7 is god according to interpretation of the bible. Not that I know anything about the bible or even interested , I’ve actually learned it from “this monkey’s gone to heaven” by the Pixies ;)

Hope you enjoy this song...

Link to the song: A Song to Say Goodbye Placebo


Lyrics: A Song to Say Goodbye - Lyrics

What’s this song about?
It is a song that refers to drug addiction, specifically heroin. It contains a phrase of Neil Young's: "The needle and the damage done". (Wikipedia – Placebo)

Band’s Official Website: Placebo

Info about the band: Wikipeida - Placebo

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Evermore – It’s too late (album: Dreams 2004)

This next song is by the Kiwi band evermore.  The band consists of 3 very talented brothers. The first time I’ve listened to them is when my hubby came back from his first visit in Australia with lots of Aussie bands. I really liked that song and I listened to it all the time until I’ve memorised all the words. It’s an awesome song!!! I can’t believe how young they were, it’s shocking!!!

Sounds to me that this song is about trying to forget a really traumatic experience in your life and move on. I guess everyone has at least one embarrassing moment or some kind of bad memory that will stay with you forever and maybe one day will become a funny story to share with your mates.

BTW – have you noticed the playlist that I’ve added to my blog, I’m going to add many songs to it, hopefully you will find songs that you like.
 Check out this magical song...

Link to the song: It's Too Late Evermore

Lyrics: It's Too Late Lyrics

Band’s background & name origin:
Evermore consists of brothers Jon, Peter, and Dann. Jon was born in Australia, while Peter and Dann were born in New Zealand. The three were raised and home-schooled in Feilding, Manawatu. The brothers were introduced to music at a young age by their parents, and frequently listened to their record collection. The name "Evermore" was taken from the Led Zeppelin song "The Battle of Evermore" in 1999. Jon says the trio's parents were highly supportive of them taking up music, stating "they always wanted us to do something creative...Nothing was too risky." (Wikipedia – Evermore)

Band’s official website: Evermore

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Evermore

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Goo Goo Dolls – Black Balloon (album: Dizzy up the Girl 1998)

This song is by Goo Goo Dolls. When they have released “Iris” I was really impressed by that song. I’ve decided to buy the album. It’s pretty great, a little bit mushy but sometimes us girls like it. This is a song that I like very much. The lead singer John Rzeznik looks like Keith Urban’s evil twin brother and he has a really cool voice.

Pretty mushy song but I like it! It’s about a guy that trying to save his girlfriend from her drug addiction. He tells her how lucky he is that she chose him from all others and that she is special and deserves to be loved and bla bla bla , told you it’s quite mush but it’s worth listening to, so I hope you enjoy it ...

Link to the song: Black Balloon Goo Goo Dolls

Lyrics: Black Balloon Lyrics

What’s this song about?
This song, according to the band's frontman Johnny Rzeznik, is about a woman with a heroin addiction and how her lover is desperately trying to save her. He has also said that it is about "seeing someone you love that is so great just screw up so bad." Speculation as to the song's subject has included bassist Robby Takac's ex-wife (who overdosed on heroin). Wikipedia - Black Balloon

Band’s official Website: Goo Goo Dolls

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Goo Goo Dolls

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army (album: Elephant 2003)

This song is by The White Stripes. Discovered by my hubby. We spent a lot of time reading Jack White’s thoughts on his website. He is F... amazing!!! He is so talented. He came out with a special riff for his guitar that allows them to play songs without a Bass guitar. I didn’t even noticed that the Bass Guitar is missing, how brilliant is that?!? If you want to get to know him a little bit more then you should watch “It might get loud”, brilliant movie with 3 of the best guitar players ever: Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White oh well not the best but pretty close!

I read in sonfacts that this song is a story about a guy coming back to his own hometown after he got really famous. Facing people that gossiping and whispering behind his back all over town and all he wants is to get away from them. I think this story is a metaphor for the gossiping that he and Mag experienced after they got famous. When asked about the relationship between them they always stated that they are siblings but there were constantly rumours about them being married to each other. I say – Who cares, it’s all about the music and nothing else! Check out this magical song... 

Link to the song: Seven Nation Army White Stripes

Lyrics: Seven Nation Army Lyrics

Jack White in the movie “Walk Hard” playing Elvis:

What’s this song about?
According to White, "Seven Nation Army" is what he used to call the Salvation Army as a child. (Wikipedia – Seven Nation Army)

Band’s Official Website: White Stripes

Info about the band: The White Stripes

Monday, February 14, 2011

Oasis – Slide away (album: Definitely maybe 1994)

This song is by Oasis. Their two first albums “definitely maybe” and (what’s the story) morning glory?”  Are very good. I’ve enjoyed listening to it back in the 90’s. Other than that – The Gallagher brothers are such assholes!!!  

This is such a great love song that emphasise the power of love. When you are in love you feel like there is nothing that you can’t do. You are full of energy and you can overcome any obstacles that get in your way. That’s exactly what this song it about so I hope you enjoy listening to it...

Link to the song: Slide away - Oasis

Lyrics: Slide away Lyrics

Live acoustic sang by Noel not Liam:

What’s this song about?
Arguably the first Oasis love song, Noel wrote it about his girlfriend at the time - Louise Jones and the song was written about their stormy relationship. Noel described them as "soulmates" and when they finally split up in June 1994 Noel said 'I don't think I'll ever get over it.' Slide Away was then written about her. (Wikipedia – Slide Away)

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Oasis

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Darwin Deez – Radar Detector (Single: Darwin Deez 2010)

This song is by Darwin Deez. This guy cracks me up and that’s why he gets to be on my blog , you should check out the interview video that I’ve added below , The guy is either high on drugs or just stupid.

I’ve played a role of a “Radar Detector” once or twice in my life. When my hubby and I went on a road trip, he asked me to keep an eye on the speed cameras on our way to our destination. The problem is I’ve only managed to spot the camera straight after we passed it already and that of course was too late, we both agreed that I’m I’m not the best “Radar Detector” in the market, oh well I guess I won’t be applying for a “Radar Detector” Job any time soon ;)
Check out the video and listen to the deepest lyrics ever hahahaha....

Lyrics: Radar Detector Lyrics

Interview with Darwin Deez:

What’s this song about?
Here is a comment from songfacts:
Darwin Smith told Gigwise about this song: “A radar detector is a device, Illegal in some provinces that alerts drivers to the presence of police radar in the vicinity. Drivers, in tum, use this information to modulate the speed of their spacecraft, you nawmsayin? I once fell in love with a girl who reminded me of a radar detector in the way that she constantly kept her eye out for my well-being , like a loving machine , and I wrote this song about her.”

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Darwin Deez

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Breaking Benjamin – I will not bow (album: Dear Agony 2009)

This song is by Breaking Benjamin. They have a few awesome songs. I heard about them when they just released “until the end”, my hubby discovered the song and I couldn’t stop listening to it. Sometimes they sound too sentimental for my taste but they have released a few good addictive songs. This is definitely one of them!

My interpretation of the lyrics is that it’s about overcoming tough periods in your life, knowing that no matter what happens it’s going to get better and not letting your fears control your decisions. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the lead singer’s alcohol abuse and the way he deals with it.”All is lost again but I’m not giving in...” check out this wonderful song...

Link to the song: I will not bow Breaking Benjamin

Lyrics: I will not bow Lyrics

Since their lead singer Benjamin Burnley is into video games, here is the Halo Version:

Song Facts:
It was featured on the soundtrack to the Bruce Willis film Surrogates. The song was not written specifically for the film, but according to drummer Chad Szeliga, “Ben sent a few songs to our record label, Hollywood Records,” which is owned by Disney, who then decided they “wanted a Breaking Benjamin song for this movie.”  (Wikipedia – I will not bow)

Band’s Official Website: Breaking Benjamin

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Breaking Benjamin

Friday, February 11, 2011

Suede – Trash (album: Coming Up 1996)

This song is by Suede. I used to listen to them during my alternative rock period. They have great songs. Their lead singer Brett Anderson sometimes annoys me with his squeaky voice in some of the songs. Overall they are really good.
This song is about being different and accepting who you are, be whatever you decide to be and stop caring about what other people think of you, something that most of us, including myself should work on every single day. It's a Very important message from Brett. Check out this beautiful song...

Link to the song: Trash Suede

Lyrics: Trash Lyrics

What’s this song about?
Various meanings have been determined from the song, but the main themes seem to be about 'outsiders', being different but living well with it. Anderson also described it as the soundtrack to his life, saying "It's about believing in the romance of the everyday." In a interview in late 2009, for the SkyArts' Songbook series, Anderson said about the song:
"I actually wrote it about the band Suede. It's a celebration of the band, but by extension, it's a celebration of the fans as well. And it was a kind of a song written about us, as a gang, it was written about the values we stood for. And even though it sounds like a love song, it was actually about the idea of the identity of the band, and what they stood for." (Wikipedia – Trash)

Band’s Official Website:

Info about the band: