Saturday, June 11, 2011

Talking Heads – Burning down the house (album: Speaking in Tongues 1983)

This next song is by Talking Heads. I love the original song and the cover that was released in 1999 by Tom Jones & The Cardigans is absolutely amazing!!! I’ve added the cover video as well.

I have quite a story about the cover song that happened at the same time it was released. My friend and I got completely addicted to it and we couldn’t stop listening to it together. We sang along as well every time it was on, it was quite a hit in the 80’s and it was back in fashion thanks to the amazing Tom Jones cover. We also developed all kind of hobbies at the time, every time something else. Since my friend is very creative we started making bead necklaces, we spent hours making at her house. One time we were sitting in her room listening to this song with a closed door and at some point after hours of making those necklaces I’ve asked my friend to get me something to drink, it was a really good timing because as soon as my friend opened the door she realized that her house was on fire. The house had 3 floors and we were on the second floor where the fire started. The fire was coming towards us, the whole third floor was completely burned and there was fire everywhere. We ran out of the house and of course invited the fire fighters to try and save whatever is left of the house. We were saved! It was one of the scariest ordeals that ever happened to me. We kept talking about how lucky we were that she came out of the room otherwise we would have been trapped. She was also able to alarm her brother that was on the third floor. We were completely in shock after this incident and the Irony of this happening at the same time that we were listening to this song was too much to handle. Ever since that day my friend couldn’t listen to this song anymore. She was completely traumatized by it. Half of the house was completely burned and the entire family stayed in a motel for a while.  Anyway, it’s been 13 years since I’ve listened to this song. I hope my friend got over this trauma. Check out this cool song that had quite an impact on my life…

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