Saturday, April 23, 2011

Foo Fighters – Rope (album: Wasting Light 2011)

This is a new song by the legendary Foo Fighters. My hubby introduced me to this song a few days ago and I had to post it because it’s awesome! The low budget video clip is amazing, the concept is really cool. This song was released on March 11. It’s from their seventh album.  Dave Grohl described it as their heaviest album yet. I listened to it , liked it and bought it for my Iphone!
Couldn’t find the meaning of this song but it’s all about the music anyway. Speaking of rope, it reminds me of my first attempt to Wakeboard. We all went to an amazing river called Williams River which is located around Newcastle. One of our friends knows a guy that lives there and he is a wakeboarding instructor. He took us on his boat and we all had a go. I was doing fine until I drank too many beers and I just couldn’t hold the rope for a long period. I kept on falling and I was completely out of balance. At some point I got tired and I fell on my face which was quite painful but the funny part is that I couldn’t get up, the board was too heavy and I was completely pissed and tired. Luckily my hubby came to my rescue and pulled me out of the water. Overall it was a great experience; I wouldn’t mind trying it again just not in the ocean because I don’t do sharks! Check out this cool new song …

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Lyrics: Rope Lyrics