Friday, February 17, 2012

The Doors – The Crystal Ship (album: The Doors 1967)

This is another song by The Doors. I just finished watching an incredible documentary movie about The Doors called “when you’re strange” that tells the true story of The Doors and presents a rare footage from a short film that was filmed by Morrison himself. It really explains all his erratic behavior and all the events that led to his death. It also presents the rest of the band members and their role in the band and in Morrison’s life. It is very interesting movie and it shows a lot of footage from their concerts including the nude incident. It covers the entire active period of the band. I really recommend watching this great movie. It was great fun to listen to all of their greatest hits again. It’s been awhile since I’ve last listened to The Doors. I was a huge fan of the band back when I was a teenager, I even made a shrine for Morrison and I was quite lucky to visit his grave in Paris 12 years ago. Anyway , this is the last song that was played in the movie and one of my favourites.

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Lyrics: The Crystal Ship

What’s this song about?

It has been suggested that the inspiration for the "crystal ship" image may refer to Platform Holly, an oil rig off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, which glitters like a crystal ship when lit up at night and Jim Morrison was inspired by it one night on the beach. (Wikipedia – The Crystal Ship)

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