Friday, May 6, 2011

EMF – Travelling Not Running (album: Schubert Dip 1991)

This song is by the British group EMF. Anyone remembers them? They had this boy’s band look but their music sounds nothing like it. Their biggest hit was “your unbelievable”, they were quite popular back in early 90’s and then they disappeared. Their album Schubert Dip is brilliant! I love it very much.
This is my favourite EMF song, it’s quite awesome. This song is about a broken relationship, about travelling away to forget all the bad memories. I remember when my hubby and I broke up for the first time after 3 months of dating. He wasn’t really interested in a serious relationship back then. He was quite a player. I was very upset and I just wanted to get away and travel somewhere far from him. I took the train and travelled two hours and stayed with my Friend. I was very upset and I had a few horrible days without him. Of course my hubby didn’t like the fact that I was running away so he came after me, he travelled all the way just to bring me back. That was very sweet of him. Thank god he didn’t give up on us. Check out this wonderful song...

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