Monday, August 8, 2011

Kaiser Chiefs – Every Day I Love You Less and Less (album: Employment 2005)

This is another song by Kaiser Chiefs. This song is quite vicious, it makes me laugh. I’m quite sad today so I thought this song will cheer me up little bit. 
My Hubby went on a snowboarding trip yesterday. he will be back in 3 days. It always makes me sad when he is away. I love hanging out with him every spare minute and from some reason he always likes to be away….hahahaha .We have just finished our little project for our nieces, we have made a song and a video with their photos for their upcoming B-Day’ turned out really good. Our families really liked it. Except for my parents, they didn’t show any enthusiasm about it. I got “it’s nice” which is good enough for me ;)  I’ve really enjoyed the process of recording the song and then working on the video. I felt like a real rock star during this period and it is quite mind blowing when you listen to your own creation and you actually enjoy was quite a hard work getting there. It’s quite magical though! It was awesome working on a song with my Hubby , he is quite a professional, he knows exactly what he’s doing and what to press to get the best sounds and the best effects. He also knows how to play all instruments which was quite helpful. Anyway I hope my hubby is having fun in the snow! Now back to my wicked song…

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Lyrics: Every day i love you less and less Lyrics