Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chris Cornell –Can’t Change Me (album: Euphoria Morning 1999)

This song is by the legendry Chris Cornell. My wonderful hubby surprised me with a premium tickets to his concert on the 15th October in Brisbane. This is going to be the best concert ever, It’s an acoustic performance and we will be seating very close to the stage. I’m so excited!!! My hubby spoils me a lot and always surprises me , he is just amazing!
My hubby is quite an eccentric man; he always surprises me and leaves me in a complete shock by his actions. He is definitely not the typical boring guy; he has done some crazy stuff during our 10 years together. One of the craziest things he did was during his first visit to Australia. He was sent by his company to visit the Australian branch and to see some local clients. Before his trip he asked me “what do you want me to get you from Australia” I’ve answered “ a Koala bear” because I love koala bears , It’s actually my favourite animal and of course I was joking and I really just meant a Koala stuffed doll. My hubby has decided to do everything that he can to get me my Koala. So guess what he did? He tattooed 2 beautiful Koala bears on his back. He tattooed a mother Koala carrying her cub on her back. Since we spoke a lot on the phone during his one month stay in Australia he told how he got me a koala bear and he is taking care of it. He really convinced me that he got a Koala bear. When he came home he held a video camera and recorded my reaction when he took off his shirt. I was in a complete shock! He tattooed a Koala bear especially for me , how crazy is that?!? As I’ve mentioned before, he is really not the boring type and he is very creative. I never have a dull moment with him around!!!   This is not the only surprise he has done for me, the craziest thing he has successfully managed to execute is our surprise wedding. But that’s another story for a different post. Check out this amazing song about a woman that wants to change her man with no success. I definitely don’t want to change mine!

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Lyrics: Can't Change Me Lyrics

What’s this song about?

Greg Tate of Rolling Stone said this about the song "Can't Change Me," is as rhapsodically gorgeous as pop gets, putting a spin on true love that any reprobate slacker can relate to: "She's going to change the world/But she can't change me/Suddenly I can see everything that's wrong with me/But what can I do?/I'm the only thing I really have at all." Cornell unveils a desire to be reckoned with as an openly wounded and unabashedly portentous rock balladeer (Wikipedia – You can’t change me).