Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Slash – Promise (album: Slash 2010)

This is a song from Slash’s solo album. It is a wonderful album that features so many other musicians including four former Guns N’ Roses band members ,Chris Cornell, Adam Levine, Aussie Osborne, Andrew Stockdale and many more. The song that I’ve chosen is sung by Chris Cornell.
This song speaks to me personally since It is one of my life’s Mottos .I have always promised myself that if anyone that I meet on my way will try to put me down from any sort of reason, if it’s someone at work or even a friend I will never let them get to me and put out my fire I’ll always do everything in my power to keep the flame burning as long as I live! So far it never failed me ;) check out this awesome song...
Link to the song: Promise Slash

What’s this song about?
Chris Cornell wrote the song “Promise”, in interview to the “Classic Rock” Magazine he was quoted saying the following:
“It’s a song that you would write to either a young friend or one of your children, giving them advice of “don’t let the world get you down because it’s going to try” it’s the nature of youth to have a rosy outlook and feel like you’re going to be able to charge through life with a machete and make your own way. But the reality is that a lot of unexpected things are going to crash on you, and the song deals with it.”

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