Saturday, January 29, 2011

Guns n’ Roses – Sweet Child of Mine (album: Appetite for Destruction 1988)

This next song is by Guns n’ Roses, my first heavy metal band. They were a big hit among my friends back when I was a teenager. I bought all their cassettes/CD, hanged all their flags and posters. My room was covered with Guns. 20 years after I still think they were awesome and I don’t regret ruining my walls for them.
I think this is by far their best song. I never get sick of listening to it ;) “She’s got smile that it seems to me, Reminds me of childhood memories where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky...” wonderful lyrics!

What’s this song about?
In an interview with Hit Parader magazine in 1988, bassist Duff McKagan noted:

The thing about 'Sweet Child o mine,' it was written in five minutes. It was one of those songs, only three chords. You know that guitar lick Slash does at the beginning? It was kinda like a joke because we thought, 'What is this song? It's gonna be nothing, it'll be filler on the record.' And except that vocal-wise, it's very sweet and sincere, Slash was just messing around when he first wrote that lick”(Wikipedia – Sweet child of mine)

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Guns N' Roses