Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Seal – Crazy (album: Seal 1990)

This song is by Seal. I really like it because I agree with every word he says “never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy” this song is all about taking more chances in life and trying new things. “In a world full of people only some want to fly, isn’t that crazy?” I was addicted to this song back in the 90’s. I’ve also added “Talisman” cover version which is really good.
I’m terrified of taking chances like most people, that’s why I’m stuck in a job that I’m not passionate about. I wasn’t always afraid of everything, throughout my childhood I was pretty brave and tried everything. I wasn’t scared of anything back then. I’ve enjoyed getting myself into trouble. The consequences of my actions made me the cautious person I am today. All the crazy situations that I got myself into helped me realize that I need to change my ways. I’m still having fun and I always make sure to do things that I enjoy and be around people that I love. This is something that will never change. I love music and I love reading books, and recently I’ve discovered the guitar which I enjoy very much. The thing I enjoy the most is spending time with my Hubby. He is my best friend and it’s fun to be around him, we just take it easy and try to have fun all the time. I guess I do fly in my own way, I make sure every day to do something that makes me happy , so I don’t jump from high buildings or catch really huge waves but I guess everyone has a different kind of adrenalin in life, mine is definitely music ! Check out this crazy song...

Lyrics: Crazy Seal

What’s this song about?

Here is a comment from songfacts website:

This song was inspired by the crazy events of 1989-90, in particular the fall of the Berlin Wall. The lyrics, "And through a fractal on a breaking wall, I see you my friend, and touch your face again" appears to be a reference to the Berlin Wall coming down

Seal Official Website: Seal

 Info about Seal: Wikipedia - Seal

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