Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Cure – A Night Like This (album: The Head on the Door 1985)

This next song is by The Cure. It is one of my favourite Cure songs. As I’ve mentioned before, Thanks to The Cure I have developed my passion for music. I’ve discovered them in a really young age and the rest is just history. Robert Smith is in the top list of my favourite people in the world!

This song is about a man who cheats on his woman and regrets it however he realizes it’s too late to fix the relationship.  When I was in college I had a friend that was messing around with her friend’s husband. It was quite a disgusting story,  at some point she got me involved and told me all about it , she told me about how they have been meeting behind her friend back and all the lies that she was telling her. The real issue was that I knew the other girl because she was also studding in my class as well. At some point I found myself sitting with all three of them at my friend’s birthday dinner.  Both my friend and the husband were sitting there as if nothing had happened between them. After that night I’ve stopped talking to my friend because I couldn’t handle the lies and this dirty secret and of course I couldn’t be friends with someone that can’t be trusted. I didn’t stick around to see how this story ended, I’m hoping that the other girl found out about the whole thing and I’m hoping she is happy now because she was a nice girl and she didn’t deserve any of this. As for my ex-friend, I hope karma taught her a lesson and she had a taste of her own medicine! Check out this awesome song …

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Lyrics: A Night Like This Lyrics