Friday, August 5, 2011

Foo Fighters – Walk (album: Wasting Light 2011)

This is another song from Foo Fighters new album, it is just awesome! I can’t stop listening to it! It a great song that Dave Grohl wrote about his experience with his first daughter violet when he tried to teach her how to walk and how eventually she managed to walk on her own.

Speaking of walking, when I was 13 I went on a 3 days field trip with my class mates and we were all carrying a backpack filled with food and clothes and a sleeping bags on the first day we were walking on a very slippery muddy road and in the middle of everything there was a fish pool  and we had to walk around it, since I was carrying so much on my back I’ve accidently slipped and fell into the pool with all my equipment , my clothes , my food and sleeping bag all got wet and smelly!. It was a horrible experience since I’ve almost drowned in that pool. Luckily I came out of this pool alive, swimming with all my heavy equipment and trying to hold on to very slippery rocks. I remember feeling very sad after this experience. I was worried about what to wear , eat and my sleeping arrangements, I was too embarrassed to ask for help from my friends.  Everything I planned for this trip was ruined after that. Luckily all my class mates shared everything with me. They all offered to help out. After that experience I wasn’t keen on going on field trips anymore. The year after it was a different story for me and my friends, we were more focused on smoking and drinking ourselves to death and not getting caught than enjoying the field trip and nature. Years and years later when I met my Hubby we went camping a few times in Galilee Sea, we stayed in a tent and had a nice barbeque all day and it was so much fun! One of the guys had a kiosk and he brought his hot dog machine from his shop and we ate so many hotdogs we couldn’t eat another sausage for at least 6 months. Another guy brought his speedboat and my Hubby did some water skiing and I got a free ride on a cool boat. We also bought really cool river tubes and spend a lot of time in the water! We had such a great time and I was very happy that this time I didn’t share my food with the fish! Check out this awesome song from this amazing album…

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Lyrics: Walk Lyrics

What’s this song about?

According to Dave Grohl, he came up with the verse about "having a trial" after the time he was helping his first daughter Violet Maye on "learning to walk", and eventually she was able to walk on her own. The song was supposed to be on the previous studio album Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, but Dave decided to put the final version as the last track of Wasting Light because it "sort of makes sense to the album's theme of time and second chances", and to "end the record on a positive note"(Wikipedia – Walk)