Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire (album: Only by the Night 2008)

This next song is by Kings of Leon. They are such a good band but I can’t stand the lead singer’s voice, he completely irritates me. This is such a wonderful song though. My Hubby and his back then band made such a nice cover to it, he gave an unbelievable guitar performance all of them were amazing. Their singer had a much better voice.
Speaking of fire again, I’ll tell you the story of how my parents find out about my smoking habits. When I was 16 one of the teachers caught me and another friend smoking in my high school’s girl’s toilet. I have no idea what we were thinking of hiding the smoke in the toilet, you could smell it from miles but back then there were guards everywhere in my school and you couldn’t hide anything anymore. It was quite a strict environment, I’ve felt like I was in prison, no wonder I wanted to rebel. Anyway, the school principal invited my parents for a chat, my Dad showed up. I didn’t tell him the reason they wanted him there, I was too scared. When he walked into the principle office, the principle dramatically told him “sir we caught your daughter smoking in the girl’s toilet” my Dad’s reaction was “weed?” the principal answered “no sir, cigarettes” my Dad said “you called me all the way here for cigarettes?” I was in the room and I couldn’t stop laughing, my Dad was on my side. Of course he was very cross with me finding out about my smoking but he didn’t think the school principle should involve him in this shit. After this incident I got expelled for 3 days which was kind of cool because I spent some nice time at home. As for my parents, my mum couldn’t believe that I was smoking, she was in a quite shock. First I lied and said that I was helping a friend in crises and there was nowhere to talk so we went into the toilets. She believed me. At some point I’ve told her the truth. My father said “I don’t care what you do to your body but make sure that neighbors won’t see you” since then he started buying me cigarettes and I’ve smoked in my room. He was so cool about it but what can a parent do when his child rebelling like that. I think my parents approach for my naughty behavior is the right way to go because they let me experience things in my own way and by not prohibiting me of doing things, I’ve learned what’s good and what’s wrong. I think I’ve ended up on the right path after all. Check this smoky song…

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Lyrics: Sex on Fire Lyrics

What’s this song about?

In an interview with Robbie, Marieke and the Doctor on Australian radio station Triple J, Nathan explained that the band never intended the song to be named "Sex on Fire".

"They were totally different lyrics. Depending on whether a song starts with a melody or starts with lyrics, you know if it starts with a melody you just keep playing the melody over and over until you get it down and just throw in any lyrics that fit the verbal flow. It was actually going to be "Set Us on Fire", but one of the sound mixers in the studio walked in as we were playing and said, "Sex on Fire", huh?" And it just kind of became a running joke, and we stuck with it.".(Wikipedia – Sex on fire)

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