Sunday, January 2, 2011

Soundgarden – Rusty Cage (album: badmotorfinger 1992)

This is an awesome song by the legendry Soundgarden.  It’s a really fast rhythm song and the video clip Suits perfectly to the sounds of the instruments. Chris Cornell is my favorite person in the entire music industry, I have seen him perform live and he is just amazing. He’s voice and he’s passion for his music is incredible.
What can I say – I’m a grunge junky!!!

Link to the song: Rusty Cage Soundgarden

official video clip:

Lyrics: Rusty Cage Lyrics

And now for the misheard lyrics version:

Band’s official website: Soundgarden

The band’s point of view of the song:
"Rusty Cage" was written by frontman Chris Cornell. Guitarist Kim Thayil on the song:
“The tuning on that song was pretty nutty. It's recorded with a wah wah in the low position used as a filter. That was the first time we did anything like that. It was Chris' idea; he wanted to get that weird tone that you can't really dial in on an amp. But if you use the wah wah as a filter, it gets an incredibly weird sound. And if you listen to that riff, especially if you've heard the original demos of it, it almost sounds backward. Wikipedia – Rusty Cage.

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Soundgarden

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