Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Black Sabbath – War Pigs (album: Paranoid 1970)

This song is by Black Sabbath. Ozzy Osbourne started his career in this band. In my search for 70’s heavy metal I came across this band, apparently they were the pioneers. Paranoid is their second album and most successful one. It’s a great album. This is an awesome song with great music and lyrics.

This is a pure anti war song. I think it is quite relevant to what’s been happening in Afghanistan and Iraq for the past 9 years. Nothing really came out of it, just more terror attacks and unnecessary death of more soldiers. It makes me really sad. What are we fighting for, when is it going to end? Who cares whose religion is better or who has more power. Why do we people have to suffer because of these control freaks. I don’t like war, don’t care about religion, and don’t really care if someone is making more money than me. Just want to live peaceful life and have lots of fun and I’m sure most of you want the same thing. Check out my anti war song...

Link to the song:War Pigs Black Sabbath

Lyrics: War Pigs Lyrics

What’s this song about?
The original title of the song was "Walpurgis", which the band often played live and featured different lyrics. Bass guitarist, Geezer Butler, claims that the band's record company thought this version of the song sounded "too Satanic". The group decided to change the lyrics to more of an antiwar theme. Butler has said that the song was "totally against the Vietnam War, about how these rich politicians and rich people start all the wars for their benefit and get all the poor people to die for them.", while Ozzy Osbourne has stated that the group, "knew nothing about Vietnam. It's just an anti-war song."  (Wikipedia – War Pigs)

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