Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Supergrass – Moving (album: Supergrass 1999)

This song is by Supergrass. It’s such a wonderful song. I’m not sure what’s this song is about but my interpretation to it is that it’s about overcoming issues in your life. The lyrics are quite sad but the music is really happy and full of energy, the music makes this song more optimistic. Even if you are feeling down, there is still hope.  Don’t give up - You just need to keep on moving…
Speaking of moving , when I was about 20 years old I’ve left my parents’ house and moved to a city that was 400KM drive from where I lived. It was a beautiful tourist city with the perfect weather, very hot and dry; I’ve already had a job in a hotel that was waiting for me. I’ve packed all my clothes because I knew I’m going to stay there for a while. I bought a ticket for a night bus and has I was waiting for my bus to arrive I’ve lit up a cigarette and I’ve put on the ground all my belongings. A few minutes later I looked at the ground and my personal bag was gone, someone stole my bag while I was busy smoking a cigarette. All my personal belongings were there, my mobile phone, my ID cards, money everything was gone! While I was stressing out and asking around if anyone has seen my bag, the bus had arrived. It was really late at night; luckily I’ve put my bus ticket in my pocket. I had two choices: 1. Phone my parents and ask them to pick me up and postpone my move to the new city. 2. Use the ticket in my pocket and get on the bus, drive for 8 hours and whatever will be will be.
Of course I choose option number 2, I quite enjoy adventures like that, and I believe that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. Although I didn’t know anyone in the bus, didn’t have any money for food, didn’t have any credit cards or anything but my cloths, I was quite optimistic and I’ve arrived safely to the new city. When I got to the new place I’ve managed to call my mum, I got a coin from a really nice lady that I stopped in the middle of the street. My mum managed to send me money and helped me with all the ID cards that needed to be reissued. My mum really helped me sort out everything. Ever since I was young, I always managed to get myself into troubles and mum was always there to save my ass. Thank you mum for everything you ever done for me. Check out this moving song…

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