Monday, May 9, 2011

Maroon 5 – harder to Breathe (album: Songs about Jane 2002)

This song is by Maroon 5. My husband thinks their music is pretty complicated to play and I agree. I also think Adam Levine is a damn good vocalist. Of course we heard about them for the first time when they have just released their album “Songs about Jane” which had a few hits. That’s the album that made them internationally famous.

This song is about feeling very suffocated in a bad relationship but at the same time scared to leave the other person that is totally in control of the relationship. Quite sad, luckily I don’t relate to that because the one thing I’m really proud of in my life is the wonderful relationship I have with my hubby. We really take it easy and don’t let any small things spoil our fun together. I think that people with control issues and ego problems can’t really have a healthy relationship unless they deal with their personal issues first. I think you need to let go and open up completely when you are in a relationship. If you want to be right all the time and do things in your way or the highway then you’ll end up alone and miserable or just make the other person really unhappy and you’ll be missing the purpose of being in a relationship. Anyway, just enjoy this song! I know I certainly will...

Link to the song: Harder to Breathe Maroon 5

Lyrics: Harder to Breathe Lyrics

What’s this song about?

Harder to Breathe" tells the story of a relationship Levine had with a woman named Jane, who, according to Levine was the "muse" in the band's album.

During the making of their debut album, Songs About Jane. The band thought they had enough material for a release, but when the label told them to keep writing, Levine wrote this song in frustration at the pressure. "That song comes sheerly from wanting to throw something. It was the 11th hour, and the label wanted more songs. It was the last crack. I was just pissed. I wanted to make a record and the label was applying a lot of pressure, but I'm glad they did.”(Wikipedia – Harder to Breathe)

Band’s Official Website: Maroon 5

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