Friday, May 20, 2011

Vanilla Sky – Umbrella (album: Changes 2007)

This song is by the Italian band Vanilla Sky. It is a cover song to Rhianna’s wonderful song Umbrella. I’m not into pop music but I do have a lot of respect for Rhianna, I think she is an amazing singer. There were so many covers done to this song but this is definitely my favourite.  I’ve also added the cover by Manic Street Preachers which is very good as well. Btw they have made a really cool cover for “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga as well.

Apparently when this song reached number 1 in the UK , Ireland & New Zealand the weather became really bad, storms and rainfall and flooding everywhere. The UK media blamed it on the song and referred to it as “Rhianna’s Curse”. They have also blamed it on the fact that the video was shot on Friday 13th. Quite silly isn’t it? Everybody knows that the weather in UK, Ireland and NZ is crap anyway. Why blame Rhianna’s for it? I personally can’t stand the winter, I hate it when it rains, and I always manage to break my umbrella no matter how expensive it is, it always breaks and I end up holding something that supposed to look like umbrella but doesn’t really do the job! Check out this cold weather song...

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