Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rage against the machine – Killing in the name of (album: Rage against the Machine 1992)

This song is by Rage against the Machine. I remember the day this song was released, they were playing it all the time in all the clubs that I use to go to with my friends. My friends and I loved this song so much!
Which reminds me that my parents use to go on overseas vacations a lot when I was young and every time they were away, my girlfriends would come for a sleep over after a night out. We all used to sleep in my parents’ bedroom. We would listen to music in my Dad’s stereo system in a very loud volume. My Dad kept the speakers up on a shelf and one time we played music so loud that one of the speakers fell on the floor and was completely broken. My Dad was very sensitive to his stereo system because it was quite expensive back then. So we managed to fix it so it wouldn’t look like something happened to it, my Dad came home and didn’t even notice it. A year after the incident, my Dad gave me his stereo system with the speakers and everything. I was stoked! I never told my Dad about the speaker incident. So I owe him an apology, I’m hoping that he doesn’t read my blog and if he does then I want him to know that I’m sorry for not telling him about it until now. By the time I wanted to confess, it was too late because I was the new owner of a broken speaker. Check out my awesome childhood song...

Lyrics: Killing in the name of Rage against the machine

What’s this song about?

Written about revolution against racism in security agencies, "Killing in the Name" is widely recognised as the band's signature song, and has been noted for its distinctive guitar riffs and heavy use of strong language.

The song lyrics reference the allegation that some members of US police forces are members of the Ku Klux Klan organization, whose symbol is the burning cross. The BBC News website refers to it as railing against "the military–industrial complex, justifying killing for the benefit of, as the song puts it, the chosen whites."

Band’s Official Website: Rage against the machine

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Rage Against the Machine

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