Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alice In Chains – Angry Chair (album: Dirt 1992)

This song is by Alice in Chains. It is such a great song and a great album.Layne Staley was an amazing vocalist and performer!
’ve read that Layne wrote this song about his Dad and how he used to punish him when he was naughty by making him sit on a timeout chair in front of a mirror. It’s quite weird for my taste. It can drive a kid crazy. Anyway back to my stupid teenage days stories. My friend and I came back one day from our road adventures and we were hitchhiking in the middle of the night. The only car that stopped was a car driven by 3 guys in their middle 20’s after a night out. It was the only car on the road and we were very cold and dying to get home already and of course back then we were quite brainless. As we got into the car the guy sitting next to us started touching us and he was making signs to his friends and then it clicked – if we won’t get out of the car we might be the next rape victims. Both my friend and I were very scared. My friend was sitting next to the car’s door, I sat in the middle. My friend screamed at the driver “stop the car! “ the driver got confused at the same time his friend told him not to stop. The driver was slowing down but still kept going. My friend looked at me and whispered “I’m going to jump now and you’ll jump straight after me”. The driver was going maybe 70km and my friend opened the door and rolled on the ground, I’ve joined her a few seconds after. That was quite a scary experience; luckily there were no other cars on the road. Nothing happened to us, just a few bruises but nothing serious. It was so scary and I couldn’t believe that my fragile skinny friend would just jump out of a moving car. We felt like we were part of a shitty action movie and it was just crazy! Of course we didn’t learn any lesson from this experience as well. As I’ve mentioned before we didn’t use our brain that often back then. Check out this amazing song…

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What’s this song about?

The song was one of the few written entirely by vocalist Layne Staley for the band. In the liner notes of 1999's Music Bank box set collection, guitarist Jerry Cantrell said of the song:Such a brilliant song. I'm very proud of Layne for writing it. When I've stepped up vocally in the past he's been so supportive, and here was a fine example of him stepping up with the guitar and writing a masterpiece. (Wikipedia – Angry Chair)