Tuesday, January 11, 2011

U2 – I will follow (album: Boy 1980)

This next song is by U2. I was a big fan of the band until they came out with this horrible album Achtung baby in 1991 and everything that came after that. It was a great disappointment for me. I still love all their old stuff, this song is awesome and the video clip is hilarious!!!  
Check out Bono’s dance moves...
Link to the song: I will Follow U2
Video clip:

Recent live video:

What’s this song about?
I Will Follow" was written three weeks before U2 began recording Boy.U2 singer Bono has said that he wrote the song from his mother's perspective and that it was about the unconditional love a mother has for her child. His mother died following her own father's funeral when Bono was fourteen, which the singer says plunged him into emotional turmoil for the next few years. The song features the lyrics "his mother takes him by his hand" and "If you walk away, I will follow". (Wikipedia – I will follow)
Band’s official website: U2
Info about the band: Wikipedia - U2