Saturday, April 30, 2011

Seether – Broken Feat Amy Lee (album: The Punisher: The Album 2004)

This song is by Seether. I love this band so much! Shaun Morgan kicks ass! This song originally recorded by Seether .It was redone as a duet with Amy Lee @ Evanescence.  A little bit of gossip, because I’m a girl and it’s a must – Amy and Shaun dated for 3 years and they have recorded this song during their dating period. It didn’t work out  between them eventually. Shame ,they looked really good together! Anyway, the mix of their voices is absolutely amazing and I like this version of this song better than the original.

Shaun wrote this song about his daughter when he decided to move from South Africa to America and had left his family behind. Being away from his daughter left him quite broken. This reminds me of My Hubby’s and I move to Australia. We have left our families behind as well. It’s really hard to leave your family and friends and to know that things will never be the same. It’s been almost 6 years since we’ve moved to Australia. Our siblings already started their families and they all have kids. I love my nieces and nephew very much and I feel that I’m missing the most important stages of their lives. They barely remember us when we go back for a visit and it’s quite sad. We miss our parents and family dinners. We have met new friends and they are like family to us but still being away from your real family is not easy. It’s quite a dilemma that will never be resolved. We moved to Australia to be happier and in a way we found our happiness but we are sad being away from our families but if we will decide to go back then we will always feel miserable being away from Australia. I guess it’s a catch 22 situation that will never be resolved. Check out this amazing duet by one of my favourite bands …

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Link to the song: Broken Feat Amy Lee Seether

Lyrics: Broken Lyrics

What’s this song about?

Here is a comment from songfacts website:

Seether lead singer Shaun Morgan wrote this song, which deals with the pain of leaving someone behind. He explained in 2004: "I wrote it two-and-a-half years ago for my daughter, she was just born and I had to come to the States (from South Africa) and I wrote the lyrics for her, it's about leaving somebody behind, you know that is really painful to do, and ultimately you're looking to the future saying 'we'll see each other again and everything will be fine.'"