Monday, May 23, 2011

William Orbit – Adagio for Strings (album: Pieces in a Modern Style 2000)

This remix is by William Orbit. This is a cover version of Adagio for Strings composed by the American classical composure Samuel Barber. DJ Tiesto made his remix version to this masterpiece. I’ve added it as well so you can listen to both versions.
Adagio for Strings is quite a sad masterpiece. It was used in the movie Platoon and it was played in the funerals of Albert Einstein and Grace Kelly. I heard it for the first time when my hubby and I started dating. He just bought the CD of William Orbit that had this remix in it. I remember we sat in his car and listened to it together, the car was parked at the end of my dead end street. I was so moved by the music. I was even more touched to discover that my hubby likes classical music. Back then I didn’t know much about him. He told me that Barber composed it for his daughter that had passed away, made me feel even closer to him. He probably just said it to get into my pants because I’ve checked it out and I couldn’t find it written anywhere, what a bastard! Makes me love him even more! Anyway, Later on I’ve listened to the version that was done by Tiesto and I think it is pretty good but not as good as William Orbit’s one. I think that William Orbit kept the original sound and made just a few changes to it and that what makes it even a better version because you can still hear the original song on the background.  You can check it out for yourself …

Lyrics: I swear there aren’t any! If you happen to find it , feel free to post it on my blog ;)

William Orbit Website: William Orbit

Info about William Orbit: Wikipedia - William Orbit

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