Saturday, June 25, 2011

Orgy – Blue Monday (album: Candyass 1998)

This song is by Orgy. Quite an interesting chose of a band’s name! This is a cover song for the New wave band new order. It is such a good version. I’ve added the original by New Order which is really good as well.
This song is probably about failed relationship. It’s always about the same subject! It’s probably hard writing about something else but drugs and relationships! Speaking of drugs, I’ll tell you about my first hash experience. I was about 16 years. I went with two of my friends to an abounded house that was just across from where I lived. We sat in the corridor which had no windows. We passed the hash between us and I was very nervous. I was so scared I would get caught, I did drink and smoke cigarettes and my parents did find out about it but I always felt like illegal drugs were too much for me to handle. Anyway I got so paranoid that I started seeing the blue flashing police lights on the walls, there were no windows where we were sitting but I was completely hallucinating, it was quite scary. I felt like every second the police will break in and arrest me. I really believed that they didn’t have anything better to do but chase a stupid little girl. After that experience I stayed away from drugs for a while. I realize that I was seeing things because I was under the influence but I didn’t understand the point of letting your mind wander to scary places without being able to control your thoughts and feelings. It was horrible! And that was my way of staying away from drugs as a teenager, it helped for awhile. Check out this cool song…

Lyrics: New Order Blue Monday

What’s this song about?

In an interview for Channel 4's countdown of the biggest selling UK singles, the band (New Order) claimed to have written the song in response to crowd disappointment at the fact that they never played encores. This song, they say, allowed them to return to the stage, press play on a synthesiser and leave the stage again. An example of this happening appears on New Order's concert video Pumped Full of Drugs. (Wikipedia – Blue Monday)

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