Thursday, January 27, 2011

Green Day – Welcome to Paradise (album: Dookie 1994)

This next song is by Green Day. Their album Dookie was quite a success back in the 90’s and what made them so famous today. It was the first time I listened to a good American band that combines rock and punk all in one package. What a breakthrough!!! My Hubby and I went to their concert 5 years ago and it was an awesome experience.
This song brings back memories of the first time I’ve left my parents house, I’ve cried a lot, missed my mum and her cooking and the way she took care of me when I was sick. At the beginning I use to call my mum all the time and complain .after a few months I got use to living on my own. I lived in quite dumps but who cares wins when it’s yours ;)  This song is for all those youngsters out there who struggle without their mum...

Link to the song: Welcome to Paradise Green Day


What’s this song about?
The song was written by Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool. It is based on the band's experience moving out of their parents' houses and into an abandoned house in Oakland, California where the band members, along with several others, lived without paying rent. The house was quite broken-down but to them it became home, and this sentiment is described in the song.
Billie Joe Armstrong said this of the song:

It's about West Oakland, living in a warehouse with a lot of people, a bunch of artists and musicians, punks and whatever just lived all up and down, bums and junkies and thugs and gang members and stuff that just lived in that area. It's no place you want to walk around at night, but it's a neat warehouse where you can play basketball and stuff. (Wikipedia – Welcome to Paradise)

Band’s Official Website: Green Day

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Green Day