Monday, April 4, 2011

Bowling for Soup – 1985 (album: A Hangover You Don't Deserve 1985)

This song is by Bowling for Soup. They have such a cool band name! I love this song very much; I sympathize with it very much!

I personally can’t keep up with the rapid technology changes, my Hubby on the other end is a technology freak he usually buys all the latest gadgets even before the company releases it. Once he gets the new gadget he knows exactly how to operate it. He has quite a talent for all technical things. I ‘m the complete opposite, I don’t really understand anything about all these gadgets even when he tries to explain it to me. It’s funny because even though I don’t know anything and I couldn’t tell the difference between a notebook and an IPad or whatever is out there, my Hubby always buys me the latest technology, he got me a new laptop a week ago and my previous laptop was only two years old and it was purple with beautiful flowers on it which he bought me right after I’ve spilled water on my other laptop and ruined it. He also bought me a pink nano IPod and then he got me my IPhon and he added a purple cover to it (I’m really into pink and purple cause I’m a girl!) then he got me an IPad which I don’t really use – he said that I can use it to read books but I don’t really see the point of reading a book without flipping the pages! So I just use it for my Sudoku puzzles. My hubby spoils me a lot with new gadgets. I personally prefer old simple stuff that it’s easy to operate. It’s quite a nightmare for me to get use to new technology every time and by the time that I do learn how to use my new gadget; my hubby buys me a new one!!! It is quite a tough dilemma for me. I do appreciate all his gifts but I feel bad about throwing out all the old stuff that I got from him. I guess this magic circle will never end. Anyway, I dedicate this song to my purple flower Dell notebook which I love very much and had  to replace it with a new red Lenovo ThinkPad which I got a week ago for our 10th anniversary… check out this  song that was definitely written about me…

Link to the song: 1985 Bowling for Soup
Lyrics: 1985 Lyrics

What’s this song about?
Here is a nice comment from Songfacts:
This song is about a woman who is still living in the past, reliving her glory years when she was a teenager in 1985. She had big dreams, but now spends her time immersing herself in '80s pop culture.

Band’s Official Website: Bowling For Soup

Info about the song: Wikipedia - Bowling for Soup