Saturday, January 1, 2011

Motley Crue – don’t go away mad just go away (album: Dr Feelgood 1989)

And now for abit of nostalgia for my sake of the first heavy metal bands that I’ve listened to. The video clip is quite ridicules like all the rest of the 80s’ & 90’s videos.
This song is a great song, pretty dramatic opening but overall the notorious Vince Neil, Tommy Lee and the legendary Nikki Sixx are doing a great job as usual.
official video clip:

Lyrics: Don't go away mad Lyrics

Band’s official website: Motley Crue
What’s this song about?
Bassist Nikki Sixx told Rolling Stone: "I saw that line in a movie somewhere, I can't even remember what movie. I thought, 'Great idea for a song.' A little tongue in check. A little sarcasm there." Vocalist Vince Neil added: "That's a great song. We've been playing it for years. I love to play guitar and sing that song. It's kind of a feel-good song. When that song comes on everybody wants to sing along with you." 
(Wikipedia – don’t go away mad Just go away).

Here is a funny interview with the band from 1984. They have managed to anger a few religious people in America when they released their second album “shouts at the devil”:

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Motley Crue