Saturday, July 2, 2011

Monaco – What do you want from me (album: Music For Pleasure 1997)

This song is by Monaco. The band was formed by New Order’s bassist Peter Hook. This group played for a period of 5 years and then they broke up. This is their most famous song and it is awesome!!!

This song is about failed relationship once again, for f…sake what’s wrong with today’s musicians. Can’t they come up with more creative subjects to write on than failed relationship? Anyway, since I don’t have any stories about failed relationship (thank god for that!) then I’ll tell you another one of my stupid childhood stories. When I was about 5 years old, there was a grocery shop next to our house and the guy that owned the place allowed all his loyal customers pay for their groceries at the end of each month. I remember walking with my mum for grocery shopping, she would always say –“write it down” and I’ve never seen her actually paying for anything. The owner had a book where he would write down the details of everything my mum purchased and then we would walk out of the shop. I picked up the magic words “write it down”. I figured I can buy a lot of lollies and chocolate and basically anything I want and all I have to say is “write it down”, I don’t need money for all my sweets I can take whatever I want from the shop without paying anything. Because the guy knew me he never asked questions and I would walk into the shop grab all my sweets and ask him to “write it down”. At one point I even invited all my friends from kindi to take whatever they want from the shop and I’ve asked the guy to “write it down”. At the end of the month my mum had a huge bill to pay from all of my shopping. She had no clue I took stuff from the shop. She asked the owner for the breakdown of the bill. That’s how she found out that I’ve learned the magic words “write it down” of course she tried to explain to me that it’s wrong and I shouldn’t be taking anything from the shop. Of course I didn’t listen and kept doing it for a while. And then one day we moved away to a new place and the magic words didn’t work for me anymore…check out this wonderful song…

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