Friday, February 18, 2011

Placebo – A Song to Say Goodbye (album: Meds 2006)

This song is by Placebo, I love this song very much. I also really like the covers that they did for Pixies and Depeche Mode.

This song is probably about a guy that gave up on his friend with his drug addiction, he wants to say goodbye because he know he lost his friend for drugs and nothing is left for him to do , It’s too late. He doesn’t understand why his friend doesn’t appreciate how lucky and talented he is. Sounds like the typical rock star story that wastes his life on drugs. It’s the same concept of “Wasted Time” by Skid Row that was written on Steven Adler former Guns n’ Roses Drummer. If you were wondering about the “Lucky 7’s” – 7 is god according to interpretation of the bible. Not that I know anything about the bible or even interested , I’ve actually learned it from “this monkey’s gone to heaven” by the Pixies ;)

Hope you enjoy this song...

Link to the song: A Song to Say Goodbye Placebo


Lyrics: A Song to Say Goodbye - Lyrics

What’s this song about?
It is a song that refers to drug addiction, specifically heroin. It contains a phrase of Neil Young's: "The needle and the damage done". (Wikipedia – Placebo)

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