Thursday, March 17, 2011

Santana – Smooth (album: Supernatural 1999)

This song is by Santana – Carlos Santana’s band. It’s from their most successful album “Supernatural” and it’s absolutely magnificent! This album features Lauren Hill, Rob Thomas, Eric Clapton, The Mexican Band Mana, Dave Matthews Band and others. I choose a song that is sung by Rob Thomas, I think he is a very talented dude! Rob wrote this song for his Puerto Rican wife.

This song from some reason reminds me of my trip to Mexico Cancun which was amazing. My Friend and I were sitting in a bar drinking our beers than all of the sudden a big black guy approched me and ask me "how much" ? I don't know how and why he has mistaken me for a Mexican Whore! It was quite fuuny , I didn't get offended or anyhting I don't really look Mexican and definitely wasn't wearing any clothes that indicated that I was a whore or anything like it. It was quite funny and scary at the same time. I should have given him a pricey rate! At the same night the bartender was very friendly and started rolling some paper while talking to us. I assumed it was weed. My friend I decided to leave the bar because we didn't want to get in any sort of trouble. As we were walking out of the bar, the bartender started to chase us, we were really scared but we stopped to see what he wants. He said "I just want to give you this" and handed us a flower that he made out of paper that I thought was suppose to be for his weed. He actually made us a sweet origami flower!!! It was quite charming! We didn't return to the bar aftewwards because it was too much action for one night! Overall we had a nice time in Cancun. It's a great place just to relax on the beach and go out at night time. The Mexicans have a really awesome beer called "Dos Equis XX" which I definitely recommend! This song is about a Spanish Munequita, check it out...

Link to the song:Smooth Santana


Lyrics: Smooth Lyrics

What’s this song about?
Rob Thomas wrote this song for his wife, Marisol Thomas. The pair married in 1999, after meeting backstage in 1998. Of Puerto Rican origin, she was the inspiration behind lines such as, "My muñequita, my Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa" Thomas stated in interviews that the phrase "Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa" was inspired by the 1972 Elton John song Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters, which includes references to the 1961 Ben E. King song Spanish Harlem (song). (Wikipedia – Smooth)

Band’s Official Website: Santana

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Santana

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