Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chris Cornell – You know my Name (album: Carry On 2006)

This song is by Chris Cornell. He is so awesome!!! I’ve seen him perform in 2007 in Sydney. He was just amazing! This is his most successful song. This song was composed especially for Casino Royal James Bond movie.

My Hubby is definitely the real James Bond, at least my ideal “James Bond” kind of guy ;) He is not afraid of anything and he is really into extreme sport. He is quite the opposite of me. I’m scared of heights, scared of sharks, scared of anything that can get me killed basically. But He did manage to get me into snowboarding which I quite enjoyed. Of course he had to challenge my fears by taking me through a black run when I was barley controlling the board or my body for that matter. Sometimes I do feel like a Bond Girl around him with all the scary situations that I find myself facing thanks to him. He made me go on really scary rides which completely traumatised me! But I guess the weirdest thing I’ve ever done so far is to enter our apartment while it was covered with moths. My hubby went kite surfing and on his way back he realized that he forgot his pants at home. He rang me and asked me to get him a pair of pants before he gets home because he was drenched with water wearing only his swim pants. Around October is when the Moths season starts in Sydney and we accidently left one of the windows in our apartment open. As soon as I got home from work I opened our apartment door and found approximately 10,000 moths covering our apartment walls. There were no white spots left on our walls. There were moths flying everywhere. I’ve never seen anything like it before. It was quite a disgusting sight! My Hubby didn’t realize how bad it was and asked me to stop acting like a baby and get into the apartment and grab him a pair of pants. And so I did. I felt like I was a contestant in the “Fear Factor”. When My Hubby came home he praised me for my courage. He thought it was quite crazy. As for the moths, they all had a taste of our vacuum cleaner... check out this awesome James Bond song...

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Chris Cornell Official Website: Chris Cornell

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